Knowledge About Rolex Replica Luxury Watches

If you own a Rolex or have ever planned to own one, you need to be familiar with the distinctive look of this Swiss watchmaking giant. This characteristic is unique to Rolex and constitutes a highly recognizable element of the watch, differentiating Rolex from ordinary low-priced replica luxury watches.

1) Oyster case, king of deep water

The world’s first waterproof wristwatch is the Oyster case, patented by Rolex in 1926. The integrated case body (made of a single metal block), the bezel, the back, and the crown are screwed into the case. A seal seals the sapphire crystal bezel. This sealing structure ensures that all Rolex Oyster replica luxury watches are water-resistant to at least 100 meters. The screw-in bottom cover of the Oyster case has grooves. The patient can only be opened with special tools specially provided to Rolex-authorized watchmakers to ensure that only qualified maintenance personnel can open the cover.

2) Rolex crown, the king of seals

For a watch to be thoroughly water resistant, the crown plays a key role, and Rolex recognizes this. Rolex uses a screw-in height to improve the water resistance of the movement and, at the same time, protect the action because it goes straight to the movement in the case. The screw-in type is not afraid of external impact.

3) Rolex dots, easy to identify

Rolex can identify the material and performance of the watch through the two points or lines under the Rolex logo on the crown and can use it to distinguish Submariner, Sea-Dweller, and Deepsea replica luxury watches, etc.

4) Oyster bracelet, safety lock installation

Rolex has obtained many patents on watch straps. For example, the watch strap of Shui Gui has a safety lock buckle, which can provide extra safety. The latest version has a 15-component mechanism that helps you open and closes it quickly with a snap lever. And there is also an extended fine-tuning installation inside, which can be fine-tuned by 5mm.

Another example is the rubber strap of the Mingshi Yacht, which looks like a simple rubber strap. The new 2015 Yacht-Master watch launched with a super-elastic metal core over-molded with black elastomer. A patented cushion inside the belt can be comfortably stabilized on the wrist. This bracelet usually features an 18-karat Everose gold Oysterlock safety clasp.

5) ‘Bubble Cyclops’ date magnifying glass

The Rolex date magnifying glass was patented in the early 1950s and first appeared in the 1953 Datejust watch. One of the most striking visual elements on a Rolex watch is often taken for granted today, but the Cyclops was a groundbreaking innovation at the time. Rolex also stated in 1955, warning imitators that they would take legal action against them.

6) The world’s first two-color ceramic ring design

Rolex is the world’s first swiss models watch with a two-color ceramic ring design. It was launched in 2005 and first appeared on the Greenwich GMT-Master II. The black and blue design and the red and blue design are eye-catching.

7) Homemade Gold, Platinum, and Everose Gold

Rolex is the only brand that casts its gold replica luxury watches in its foundry, where the precious metal freezes above 1000°C. The molten metal is cooled to form tiny beads, which undergo another round of melting and are transformed into gold rods. These gold rods then go through multiple processes under the expertise of highly skilled people to obtain all the patterns needed to manufacture the metal parts. Everose gold is a patented Rolex rose gold alloy. Also a common precious metal way.

8) Rolex standard 950 platinum

Platinum is rare, valuable, and considered the ultimate prestige metal, commonly used in precious jewelry and high-end watches. Platinum is one of the densest and heaviest metals in the world, known for its corrosion resistance. Ironically, the metal is also soft and highly malleable, requiring an alloy form to be strong enough. Rolex uses the unique 950 platinum alloy containing a minimal amount of ruthenium, also Rolex’s synthetic gold.

9) Rolex’s unique 904L stainless steel

As a pioneer in using 904L steel in replica luxury watches, Rolex chose to use this special alloy instead of the standard 316L stainless steel used in watchmaking due to the excellent durability and corrosion resistance of 904L steel.

10) Tooth ring and aperture

Rolex classic watches, Datejust and Day-Date, usually have simple bezels on their cases. These bezels can be smooth or bumpy with a hint of texture.

Tips for buying watches: People who understand replica luxury watches will choose Rolex, and those who don't know watches will also select Rolex. Typical appearance features. Readers only need to understand these patents before they can get started.