Breitling’s Dress Watch Comes Standard And Is Top-of-the-line, Fake Watches

Hello everyone, when we look at Breitling’s nine series now, they are sports watches or professional watches. Still, only one series represents Breitling’s sophistication and elegance. Its appearance represents Breitling’s success in the 20th century. The 1940s saw a gorgeous transition from practical tool watches to high-end watches. It is Breitling’s Panya. Today, we are going to talk about this Breitling Puruya formal chronograph.

When Breitling resurrected the Preya series in 2018, the first reaction of many friends was that Breitling had also begun to take the dress watch route. But, since the founding of Breitling in 1884, founder Leon Breitling has used his expertise to improve chronograph pocket watches continuously; in 1914, his son Gaston Breitling invented a clock with an independent button at 2 o’clock; in 1933, In 2000, his grandson Willy Breitling added a second button at 4 o’clock for the reset to zero. At this point, Breitling established the prototype of the modern clock that is still popular today. Therefore, as the inventor of modern clocks, Breitling, the Preya series was born as early as 1943. Preya was Breitling’s flagship watch for an extended period until it was discontinued in the early 1970s.

Last year, Breitling launched a new Puya series. Compared with the 18 models, only a few details have been fine-tuned, but more colorful dials are also provided. In short, it is to maximize the unique charm of antique Puya. At present, the main models of the new Puya are mainly two branches. One is a manual clock with a diameter of 40 mm, equipped with the manual version of the B01 movement B09, and the other branch is our protagonist today, a 42 mm diameter watch. Automatic B01 chronograph. The new Puya perfectly absorbs the design details of antique fake watches in its appearance design, using a smooth, narrow bezel and box-shaped mirror to highlight the fullness of the watch. The brushed treatment on the side of the case not only outlines a more graceful lug curve, but the addition of three horizontal lines and the use of square timing buttons also visually reduce the thickness of the case.

In addition to the case, the changes in the dial’s details are also noteworthy. Compared with the 18 models, three-dimensional digital time scales replace the bar time scales. They are perfectly integrated with the more significant small dial and the more obvious sunken small dial. The syringe pointer, which has a sizeable luminous area, also increases legibility while emphasizing the retro charm. Although the Chronometer Observatory English at 6 o’clock on the previous version has been changed to Chronograph Premier in typewriter style font, don’t worry; this watch still has the observatory certification. This time, Breitling has brought you five popular dial colors in one go: black, blue, salmon, green, or milky coffee. But when it comes to the most popular dial color for formal watches nowadays, naturally, it is this one. The expensive salmon dial. Richard mille replica.

Everyone knows the Breitling B01 self-produced automatic chronograph movement that powers the new Pura. Although the new Puya B01 movement has a hollow automatic rotor with the same shape as other B01 movements, the polishing differs. Compared with the roughness of different series, the automatic rotor and upper plywood of this B01 are All covered by exquisite Geneva stripe decoration. Although the new Puya takes the retro and formal route, with its 100-meter waterproof performance, it can play equally well after being replaced with a steel chain and is also more elegant than them.