Swiss Mido Helmsman Series Tv Limited Edition Watch, Swiss Watch Replica

Swiss Mido Watch has launched a new helmsman series TV limited edition watch, paying tribute to the brand’s classic TV-shaped case. The TV prototype inspires the new limited-edition timepiece. It shows its bold personality with an exquisite and unique dial design, confirming the Swiss Mido watches’ profound watchmaking skills and innovative strength. The limited edition watch is also paired with two alternative straps in bright colors, forming this perfect piece that collectors cannot miss.

Shuttle between TV and watches, retro and modern styles coexist; Swiss Mido uses this work to show its unremitting pursuit of minor details. The dial of the Helmsman series TV limited edition watch is transformed into a charming screen, capturing the eye with exquisite three-dimensional colorful geometric figures, cleverly recreating the geometric lines that once appeared on televisions. These symbolic, aesthetic codes evoke the memory resonance of a generation and continue the glorious legend of the Helmsman series TV watches. The new watch is limited to 999 pieces. It adopts the TV-shaped case design launched by the brand in 1973, 1980, and 2000. It combines high-quality materials and excellent accuracy to innovatively interpret the watchmaking skills inherited by the brand to this day. The bold appearance does not hide the powerful core. The Helmsman Series TV limited edition watch has Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement and cutting-edge material hairspring. It demonstrates technical solid strength with excellent shock resistance and anti-magnetic functions. Unique and eye-catching in style, the story of the new watch has just begun and is sure to create a buzz. Swiss watch replica.

Breaking boundaries and innovating

Swiss Mido watches adhere to the unique brand design concept and integrate subtle shape aesthetics into the design. A mercerized TV-shaped bezel surrounds the dial. The pyramid-shaped tetrahedral protrusions on the dial form a unique pattern with different colors and geometric layouts, recalling past TV signal test charts and evoking nostalgia. Pyramid-shaped protrusions of different sizes add full dynamics to the dial. A sharp contrast in the “television” surface. The diamond-cut hour and minute hands are also treated with Super-LumiNova white luminous coating, ensuring excellent readability even in dim environments. The iconic element of Swiss Mido watches – the large calendar window indicates the date reading at the o’clock dial. The sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides ensures an unobstructed view of the unique dial. Swiss fake watches.

The case and metal strap of the Helmsman Series TV Limited Edition watch is made of solid stainless steel that has been polished and mercerized, giving the watch an elegant style and bright luster. This piece is limited to 999 pieces and comes with two yellow and sapphire blue rubber straps in a customized watch box, suitable for different occasions and adding eye-catching highlights.

Excellent movement, Caliber80

Through the transparent back of the Helmsman series TV limited edition watch, you can observe the finely carved Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement. The automatic oscillating weight is decorated with classic Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo. The new watch has a kinetic energy storage of up to 80 hours and is equipped with an advanced Nivachron™ hairspring. This material has excellent anti-magnetic and shock-resistant functions and interprets the endless pursuit of excellent accuracy with solid and reliable performance. The Helmsman series TV limited edition watch shows outstanding reliability in every detail.

Unique and worth collecting the Helmsman Series TV limited edition watch brings the charm of the analog signal era to your wrist. The new watch is colorful and intertwines retro and modern, which is particularly eye-catching.

Swiss Mido Helmsman Series TV Limited Edition Watch