ZENITH——Excellent Flight Plan Across The Century, Replica Luxury Watches

“Master of Timing” ZENITH Zenith – an excellent flight plan across the century

ZENITH was founded in 1865 by the brand founder Georges Favre-Jacot. It was the first in the history of Swiss watchmaking and opened up a new future for the watchmaking industry.

Zenith brand founder Georges Favre Jacot (Georges-Favre Jacot) registered the English version of the “PILOT” trademark in 1904

Mr. Georges-Favre Jacot was a pioneer ahead of his time. He was convinced that human beings were bound to conquer the vastness of the sky. In 1888, Zenith registered a trademark under the French word “PILOTE” and then wrote the English version of the “PILOT” trademark in 1904. Since then, only Zenith can use the word “PILOT” on the dial. In the next few years, Zenith joined hands with several intrepid aviation pioneers, envisioning a vast world of freedom, breaking boundaries and infinite possibilities, to create the most accurate wristwatch and become a pilot—one of the leading manufacturers of exceptional wristwatches and instrument panel flight instruments. Replica luxury watches.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, due to the vigorous development of air transportation, aircraft and spaceships across the ocean and the land began to appear, and the demand for high-precision instruments on aviation tools has also increased. Among Zenith’s countless PILOT pilot watch users, the most famous is Louis Bleriot, the first person to fly over the English Channel in 1909.

ZENITH Pilot’s Watch of the 20th Century, owned by Blériot

Getting off the ground is the first step in embarking on an adventure. Calais, July 25, 1909, at 4:15, Blériot was ready on board Blériot XI and completed the return adventure in 37 minutes. People have always called him “the king who broke through the limit.” At that time, a Zenith watch, the luminous hands, and digital displays on the dial were typical features of pilot watches.

ZENITH Type 20 aircraft watch, 1939

The Zenith aircraft watch is an onboard instrument and a loyal co-pilot to assist the pilot, who must do his best to protect his safety. The tools produced by Zenith meet the technical requirements of the aviation industry: not only can they withstand temperature changes, magnetic field changes, and fuselage vibrations, but they can always remain accurate, reliable, durable, clear, and easy to read. For this reason, in the 1930s and 1940s, the Zenith Type 20 aircraft watch was used as an onboard instrument for many aircraft, including the famous Caudron Simoun C.635 aircraft. The Zenith pilot watches perfectly interpret the grand ambitions that inspire pilots to fight for the sky. Accurate and reliable timers and watches accompany pilots to sail thousands of miles, reflecting their ambition to conquer adversity, precise control of distance, and ambition to surpass themselves. Replica watches for sale.

Admiral George J. Dufek and seven team members nicknamed “Seven Little Fortunes” (lucky seven) boarded the LC-47 aircraft named “Que sera, sera” to complete the feat of landing in Antarctica for the first time.

Be the pioneer and conquer the unknown with the passion of an explorer. The famous French pilot Marcel Brindejonc des Moulinais completed a circumnavigation of European capitals in 1913, setting a new record for traveling in Europe; in 1924, American explorers Lowell H.Smith and Leslie P.Arnold set off from Seattle and completed a flight of 44,345 kilometers It was the first round-the-world trip completed by plane in the world; in 1956, Admiral George J. Dufek and seven team members nicknamed “Seven Little Fortunes” (lucky seven) took a flight named “Que sera, sera” LC-47 aircraft, completed the feat of landing in Antarctica for the first time. In 1964, American pilot Geraldine Mock traveled alone in a Cessna Type 180 aircraft, “Spirit of Columbus,” becoming the first woman to complete a circumnavigation of the globe. On the journey of these great aviation pioneers leaving the ground and heading for the blue sky, the Zenith Pilot’s Watch has always been accompanied by impeccable precision and firmness, bearing in mind the shared memory with the pioneers.

ZENITH hand-wound chronograph watch, world time, 1955

Human beings always want to explore new worlds and explore new frontiers. Zenith Pilot’s Watches are evidence of many breakthroughs and essential moments in the history of human aviation. From the 1950s to the 1960s, air transportation gradually became popular with the increasing popularity of long-distance travel. In 1955, Zenith launched the world-time manual winding chronograph watch, which can understand all parts of the world with just one glance at the wearer. This move fully demonstrates the brand’s forward-looking and pioneering spirit.

ZENITH Zenith PILOT pilot series large calendar flyback watch; ZENITH Zenith El Primero Rainbow Flyback watch (from left to right)

As the series with the most extended history in the Zenith watchmaking workshop, the 21st-century ZENITH Zenith PILOT pilot series is constantly innovating, trying to balance tradition and modernity, and will launch a new PILOT pilot series watch in 2023. The design of the eye follows the basic structure of pilot clocks and flight instruments and the essential elements of pilot watches in the early development of the aviation industry more than 100 years ago and reinterprets them in a more modern way, incorporating Zenith’s unique brand style, with a new chapter to continue the excellent flight plan of the “Master Timekeeper,” continue to interpret the historical milestones of pilot watches and dedicate to the aviation industry.