Tudor Prince Chronograph One, Replica Watches For Sale In Usa

Tudor specially created a new watch for the Only Watch 2023 charity auction-TUDOR PRINCE CHRONOGRAPH ONE (TUDOR PRINCE CHRONOGRAPH ONE), which reinterprets the classic clock of the 1970s with a refined and charming modern style. Equipped with the prototype of the original chronograph movement entirely independently developed by Tudor (this is also its first appearance) and made of 18K gold, it pays tribute to the legendary classic “Big Block” of Tudor chronograph with a breakthrough and bold attempt.

Tudor watches are often made of stainless steel or titanium to create solid, reliable, and value-for-money watches. Still, this time at the Only Watch charity auction, Tudor boldly broke the rules and made the Tudor Prince Chronograph with a new 18K gold case. Watch No. 1, a new interpretation of the brand’s first automatic chronograph watch, ‘BigBlock,’ released in 1976, pays tribute to the return of this legendary classic. Not only that, but the new watch also brings another amazing innovation and breakthrough: the new original chronograph movement it carries is independently designed and developed by Tudor, demonstrating the brand’s pioneering spirit of daring to surpass itself. The prototype movement is named ‘MT59XX’, adopts a column wheel structure, and meets all the performance standards of the original Tudor watch movement. The Tudor Prince Chronograph No. 1 is equipped with the actual “No. 0” movement during the research and development. Replica watches for sale in usa.

Pay tribute to the first, be the first.

In 1976, Tudor launched the first automatic chronograph watch. Since the self-winding oscillating weight increases the thickness of the original chronograph movement, Tudor specially designed a thickened middle case for this watch. For this reason, collectors affectionately call it “Big Block,” which means “big man,” which also impresses people with its unusual case thickness. This watch was in the Tudor watch catalog for the next two decades and was only discontinued in the early 1990s. The long production time, rich style changes, and unique appearance have earned ‘Big Block’ a high reputation among Tudor watch collectors.

The Tudor Prince Chronograph No. 1 inherits the classic features and is a tribute to the “Big Block,” Simultaneously, it is more forward-looking, showing the core watchmaking concept of Tudor watches. The MT59XX movement it carries is the best example. As a prototype movement independently developed by Tudor, it opened the way for the modern development of Tudor chronograph movements. The former “Big Block” had to purchase signs from third parties to achieve the double guarantee of reliable performance and affordable price. Today, Tudor watches are fully capable of developing advanced movements by themselves. The Tudor Prince Chronograph No. 1 is the ideal choice to demonstrate this achievement, and its appearance is significant.

Fully self-developed: prototype chronograph movement MT59XX

The “XX” in the name of the Tudor watch movement is reserved for the prototype, and the prototype movement carried by the Tudor Prince Chronograph No—modern exploration. In addition to the words “MT59XX” on the main splint, the logo of the Kenissi watchmaking center can also be seen on the gear bridge. The Koenigs Watchmaking Center is the central location for producing Tudor watch movements, and the Koenigs logo is reserved for activities still in the research and development stage. It can only be seen on Tudor watches that have not been produced. In addition, MT59XX retains the unique movement structure and performance of Tudor watches, including the inertia fine-tuning silicon hairspring balance wheel, and the two sides of the balance wheel are fixed by horizontal splints. The version also aligns with the typical specifications of Tudor watches, with a power reserve of up to 70 hours, ensuring ‘worry-free weekends.’ After the clock is assembled and tested, the travel time error is only within 6 seconds (-2/+4). The appearance of the movement is also in line with the original movement series of the Tudor watch. The one-piece hollow tungsten automatic oscillating weight is frosted with sandblasted details, and the splint and main splint are interlaced with polished and sandblasted finishes embellished with laser decoration.

Tudor Watchmaking Center

Each Tudor watch is assembled in the newly built Tudor watchmaking center and tested according to the brand’s strict performance standards. This watchmaking center in Le Locle, Switzerland, took three years to build and was officially completed and put into use in 2021: cutting-edge watchmaking skills, efficient production management, and automatic testing systems. The Tudor Watchmaking Center complements the neighboring Kenissi Watchmaking Center. As the leading position for producing Tudor watch movements, the Koenigs Watchmaking Center was founded in 2016. Through the Koenigs Watchmaking Center and other self-operated institutions of the brand, Tudor Watches successfully integrated the research, development, and production of high-performance mechanical movements ability. So far, Tudor has been able to fully control the production of core components and ensure stable quality.

Tudor Watch Warranty Terms

To realize the vision of manufacturing outstanding watches, Hans. Hans Wilsdorf founded the Tudor watch brand in 1926. With a rich watchmaking experience and complete confidence in the quality of its eyes, Tudor watches provide a five-year warranty for all products. This warranty does not require registration of the watch, does not require periodic inspections, and is transferable. Regarding watch use, Tudor recommends that the alert be sent for maintenance every ten years, and the specific model and daily use shall prevail.

Tudor watch “born to dare.”

In 2017, Tudor launched a new brand manifesto, “Born To Dare” (Born To Dare), inheriting the brand’s rich tradition and presenting the current value concept. It inherits from Hans, the founder of Tudor. It pays tribute to every unknown and fearless brave man who has made extraordinary achievements in the four major fields of land, ice, air, and water. It is also proof of Tudor’s unique style, keeping Tudor at the forefront of the watchmaking industry, and the brand’s watchmaking spirit of striving for innovation and continuous breakthroughs has become an essential criterion. Like the spirit of Tudor fake watches, their lifelong achievements come from their daring attitude toward life.

Tudor watch

Tudor is an award-winning Swiss high-end watch brand. Its mechanical watches are exquisite in style, precise and reliable, and of excellent quality, which is the best value for money. In 1946, he founded Montres TUDOR SA Tudor watch company. The watches are produced to follow the quality concept respected by Rolex, but the price is more acceptable to the public. Since their inception, Tudor watches have been worn by brave people who are not afraid of challenges on land, under the sea, and on ice. Today, Tudor watches include classic series such as Black Bay, Pelagos, 1926, and Royal. Since 2015, Tudor watches have launched high-quality original mechanical movements with different functions.

Model 9420/801

  • Case: 42 mm diameter, 18K yellow gold case
  • Bezel: 18K yellow gold fixed bezel, black anodized aluminum ring
  • Winding crown: 18K yellow gold, decorated with embossed Tudor shield logo
  • Dial: black lacquer
  • Mirror: flat sapphire mirror
  • Water resistance: waterproof up to 200 meters (660 feet)
  • Strap: 18K gold three-link strap
  • Movement: Tudor chronograph movement MT59XX, two-way rotor system automatic winding mechanical chronograph movement
  • Power reserve: about 70 hours
  • Accurate: Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), observatory precision timepiece
  • Thickness: 7.2mm
  • Number of gems: 40