The Racing Concept Modified Ditonga Best Replica Watch Site.

The German high-end watch modification brand AET Remould released two dazzling modification timepieces. The bold color collision and using unique ceramic materials created a very positive visual experience. It is said that racing sports inspire design. Their designers extract the color representing the speed from the car world and blend it with the watch to create a beautiful car appearance.

  • Let’s look at this “Racing Yellow” watch, based on Rolex, completely covering the bright yellow color, giving people a pleasant and vibrant feeling. Among many sports cars, this color is also widely used, and Aet Remould uses this color to echo the car’s blood.
  • In addition to the color covering this color, the digital scale of the bezel also uses a yellow filling, further extending the visual impact. At the same time, the pure and deep black ceramic case is very refreshing with the theme color, bringing sensual fashion beauty. The strap is also made of black ceramics, which maintains it visually and provides a sense of wearing a gentle jade.
  • Let’s look at another “Sakhir Orange” watch, which is also based on Rolex Tonga. The difference is that the dial and case use another color painting. As the name suggests, the design of this best replica watch site is inspired by the Sakir track of F1. The most notable feature of the way is adjacent to the desert, and the orange extraction comes from the orange road shoulders on both sides of the Sakir track. In the racing gene to present this track.
  • The watch’s dial and bezel digital scale are covered by orange, a very wild and enthusiastic color. Especially with the blue ceramic case, the two form a sharp contrast and have a strong sense of conflict, making this watch eye-catching. The strap is also consistent with the matter, made of blue ceramics, and the overall view is very prominent.
  • These two concepts based on the spirit of racing sports are not the first attempts of Aet Remould. They have previously launched the highly praised “Abu Dhabi” and “British Racing Green” replica Rolex watches. Quick exercise spirit.
  • Perhaps the positive feedback from the market, AET Remould quickly launched two new works. Although the previous design language continued, it was bolder in color selection and matching. The last white ceramics brought a more unique and prominent appearance.
  • In general, these two new works have a design style of AET Remoul, bold color matching, racing sports style, plus the rarity of 18 pieces. Presumably, it will attract many watch enthusiasts.