The Best Titanium Watches For Everyday Wear By Rolex Replica Swiss Watches

Due to its lightness and corrosion resistance, titanium has recently become increasingly popular in luxury replica Rolex watches. In 2022, Rolex used RLX titanium in the Deep Sea Challenge. This grade 5 titanium has strong physical properties and brings the watch’s practicality to a higher level; it is also presented with a unique color and texture. However, the most controversial part of the deep-sea challenge is its size and thickness, which significantly limits its use scenarios. The recently released RLX Titanium Yacht-Master 42 watch has a size and consistency that is very suitable for daily wear. It is a work that combines beauty and practicality.

Ben Ainslie

There have been rumors of Rolex launching a titanium Yacht-Master. In 2021, foreign media reported that British sailor Ben Ainslie wore a titanium Yacht-Master watch. Considering Ben Ainslie’s and Rolex’s relationship, many think the brand indirectly announced this work. However, this solitary watch was only unveiled for a short time, and Rolex did not mention its existence for a long time after that, and it was only officially launched now.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 (RLX Titanium)

The appearance of the Titanium Yacht-Master 42 continues the consistent design style of the series, including the use of a rotatable bezel and a screw-in crown, which is partially similar to Rolex’s famous Submariner (Water Ghost), so it is also called Many watch friends mistakenly think it is a diving watch. In fact, according to the brand positioning, the Yacht-Master is a “watch for sailing and sailing” It was born for sailing competitions, and it is also created for celebrities traveling on yachts. Therefore, waterproofing is not the most critical performance of the Yacht-Master, and its waterproof rating is only 100 meters.

Cerachrom inserts in ceramic.

The outer ring of the Yacht-Master can rotate in both directions, which is also an important reason why it is not a diving watch. The outer ring of the diving watch is often designed to rotate only in one direction to prevent the timing from being less than the actual time and causing the wearer to fall into danger during diving. The Yacht-Master outer ring is used for various non-professional timing scenarios (such as sailing competitions), so the direction of rotation is not limited.

In the past, Yacht-Master watches mostly incorporated precious metals to show a luxurious and sporty style. The new product is changed to use RLX titanium, and the change of case material enhances the practical value. In addition, the matte black Cerachrom ceramic word circle is also a breakthrough in the series. The outer rings of conventional Yacht-Master replica swiss watches are mostly made of precious metals, inevitably leaving “traces of time” when worn for a long time. In contrast, the Cerachrom ceramic word ring is made of particular chemical substances with better wear and corrosion resistance.

Rolex Cal.3235 movement

The watch is equipped with the Rolex Cal.3235 self-winding movement, which is one of the main movements of Rolex today. 70-hour dynamic storage characterizes the Cal.3235 movement and uses a Chronergy escapement system. The campaign has passed the Superlative Chronometer certification of the top observatory, and the daily error is between -2/+2, which is better than the certification of the conventional observatory.

This new work is a change from the luxury sports style of Yacht-Master in the past, which primarily uses precious metals. The low-key, light, and corrosion-resistant RLX titanium metal provides players with another choice. Its launch has enriched the Yacht-Master product line. With its moderate thickness and diameter, it has become the most suitable titanium wristwatch for daily wear by Rolex.