Swatch Fake Gold Watches Witnessed The Athletes In Snow Peak, Switzerland

  • SWATCH NINES is recognized as the top event in the extreme sports industry. Swatch became its title sponsor in 2023, marking the beginning of an epic chapter. From April 17th to 22nd, 2023, the 31st SWATCH NINES will kick off in Xuelang Peak, Switzerland. Not far away, you can enjoy the magnificent figures of Aigfeng, Monk Peak, and Girls’ Peak. The first THE NINES event appeared in the public’s vision for the first time in Germany in 2008 and then developed into an intense winter competition for two -years. The best athletes in the world gathered together for exploration, and experiments enjoyed skiing, and tried in different ski venues.
  • “SWATCH NINES has attracted many world -class athletes with the most creative and spectacular skiing venue design this season, which is extremely rare in non -competitive sports activities. We are very happy to build this partner that reflects the spirit of Swatch extreme sports. Relationship. SWATCH NINES is committed to supporting athletes and sports stars to provide them with a free stage for creativity and self -expression. ” – Swatch CEO Alain Villard
  • “We are very excited to build a new partnership with SWATCH. We are very excited. Partners like SWATCH in the field of deep cultivation in the extreme sports field and create a venue that has a more visual impact compared to before. Inspiring us to continue to surpass ourselves in now and in the next few years. ” – Nicozacek, founder of Swatch Nines
  • Extreme sports, art, and creativity are constantly flowing in the DNA of Swatch, and Swatch Nines, twice a year, perfectly combines these three. The world’s best single-board skiing and freestyle ski athletes gathered above the snow mountain to enjoy the various fun in the process and immerse themselves in an unparalleled atmosphere. On the open day, social media, such as TV, media, and brands, such as GoPro and Red Bull, will scramble to report records to witness the unforgettable moment and may even see the birth of a new world record.
  • From obstacles to downhill snow trails, this event has established excellent benchmarks for setting snow farms while continuously breaking through innovation. Last year, SWATCH launched a spectacular fake gold watches-shaped natural obstacle for the first time. The “dial” was 10 meters in diameter. Athletes could challenge the gravity here and show their extraordinary skills. As the title sponsor of the 2023 event, some athletes of the Swatch Proteam sports elite team will also debut, such as the Swiss freestyle ski player Nico Vuitnier, the single Swiss skiers Pat Burgener, and the Canadian single-board ski player Laurie Blouin. Experience this event.
  • Please look forward to more exciting content of Swatch Nines 2023, such as the latest design of the snow farm will draw inspiration from one of the world’s highest altitude skate farms and gather these two most exciting sports integration. This concept was born during the exclusive Swatch seminar at the end of last year. At the time, watch replicas several outstanding event players gathered together to design all its details. Undoubtedly, watching the ski-skiing hands and skateboarding on the sheets, creating new skills and techniques, will be the most exciting scene.