Officine Panerai Presents The Submersible Elux Lab-id Watch, Knockoff Watches

History and inspiration

Early in the early days, Officine Panerai was famous for a series of innovative technologies in self-luminescence, such as the famous Radiomir and Luminor composite luminescent materials. Over the years, the brand has always remembered to draw inspiration from its rich, innovative achievements and continue to create new masterpieces of concept knockoff watches. In the relentless pursuit of innovation, Officine Panerai finally chose Elux, a cutting-edge technology patented on June 15, 1966, which contains Officine Panerai’s years of dedicated research and represents a breakthrough in luminescence. Elux is the abbreviation of the Italian “elettroluminescenza”, which means electroluminescence. Initially, Officine Panerai developed Elux panels of various sizes and shapes, consisting of a flat luminous surface containing different types of luminescent materials, continuously emitting light through an electric field. These panels do not contain radioactive substances and have excellent durability, impact resistance, and vibration resistance, meeting a variety of usage scenarios. In addition, the multiple features of energy saving and high efficiency, portable battery or fixed AC power supply, and adjustable light intensity make Elux panels versatile, durable, and adaptable to different environments and requirements.

At that time, reliable and efficient lighting conditions were crucial to the Italian Royal Navy. To improve the lighting effect of navigation instruments, Panerai specially developed Elux lighting panels to provide powerful equipment for the Italian Navy. These panels are particularly outstanding in critical areas such as the command center and internal signal station of warships. As a reliable and efficient light source, the instrument panel is readable in various underwater conditions, including low-light environments. Another notable achievement is its application in landing aid systems. Panerai uses Elux panels to build lighting channels and signs on the decks of ships for the Italian Navy to assist helicopters in landing safely at night or in shallow visibility conditions.

Panerai presents the Submersible Elux LAB-ID mechanical watch with ingenuity. The precision engineering design reinterprets the iconic luminous concept.

The Laboratorio di Idee continues the glorious watchmaking tradition of the family workshop (Officine Panerai), deeply researches and creates innovative technical solutions, constantly improves manufacturing standards, and breaks through the boundaries of performance. As the brand’s creative incubator, the Laboratorio di Idee is committed to provocatively driving innovation and development, presenting unprecedented invention miracles. Whether a concept watch or a precision instrument, all Panerai’s creations are integrated with the brand’s inherent excellent night vision performance and self-luminous and durable characteristics. Since 2017, Panerai has launched three concept replica watches, the first of which is the Luminor LAB-ID Carbotech carbon fiber watch (PAM700). This work is extraordinary. The nano-carbon tube coating on the dial is specially developed to fully absorb light and minimize reflection, giving the dial an intense black color, contrasting with the blue hour markers and hands. In addition, the movement that does not require lubrication for 50 years also reflects Panerai’s bold commitment to quality. In 2020, the Luminor LAB-ID watch (PAM1700) made a dazzling debut using the new generation of SuperLuminova luminous paint. In 2021, Panerai launched another creative masterpiece, the Submersible eLAB-ID watch (PAM1225).

Inheriting the brand’s profound innovative attainments, the Submersible EluxLAB-ID watch (PAM1800) is not only the result of Panerai’s deep cultivation in the field of self-luminescence inspired by the patented invention of EluxPanerai but also fully demonstrates the determination of Panerai Creative Workshop to innovate. The result of 8 years of dedicated research and development by the Panerai Manufacture in Neuch√Ętel, this new timepiece is equipped with a fully mechanical movement and an on-demand luminescence function. It demonstrates Panerai’s many years of professional accumulation in self-luminescence and its recognized exquisite mechanical watchmaking skills. It also interprets the brand’s mission of inheritance and innovation.

As a representative of cutting-edge technology in the watchmaking industry, the new PAM1800 watch carries four new patents*, can continuously glow for 30 minutes, has a case diameter of 49mm, and is waterproof to 50 bar (about 500 meters). Its on-demand luminescence function, entirely driven by mechanical energy storage, is a breakthrough innovation in the industry. The new work has a set of mechanical devices carefully created by the Panerai Creative Workshop. You only need to open the patented push rod protection system and activate the device through the push rod to instantly light up the dial. The technicians carefully arranged the 6 barrels in the movement to achieve this feat and designed four special energy storage boxes. They then accurately started a micro-generator to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy successfully. The micro-generator is compact and precise, measuring only 8×2.3mm, and consists of a custom coil, magnet, and stator. There are no active electronic components installed in the device. The high-speed rotor runs at 80 rpm and emits a high-frequency electrical signal of 240 Hz, which optimizes energy efficiency.

The energy generated is used to illuminate different scales on the dial, including the light-powered reserve display and time scale. The research and development process for light-emitting devices such as the pointer luminous system (patented) and the bezel luminous system (patent applied for) is full of hardships and challenges. After overcoming many technical difficulties, the creative workshop team finally transmitted the current to the bezel outside the case, and the watch also achieved excellent waterproof performance. This technological innovation cleverly re-arranged the energy transmission path and fully realized the maximum utilization of the electrical energy stored in the mechanical barrel. Thanks to the intelligent magnetic drive lighting design, the electrical power will only be transmitted to the LED light source located at a specific position below the dot; that is, 15 of the 60 LED light sources in the scale circle can be lit at the same time, realizing accurate on-demand lighting.

Another remarkable achievement of this mechanical device is that it can continuously emit light for up to 30 minutes. Compared with the powerful storage capacity of traditional batteries, this energy storage method has limited capacity but a high utilization rate, which is a significant milestone in luminescence.

The mechanical energy storage luminescence function further highlights the brand’s innovative strength. Four dedicated barrels provide the energy required for this function, and the remaining two barrels store the power for the watch to travel, ensuring that the P.9010/EL movement can still run accurately for 72 hours even after the light energy is exhausted.

The new PAM1800 is specially equipped with a Ti-Ceramitech case, made of ceramic titanium material (patent pending) exclusively created by Panerai and complements the sophisticated internal structure. After seven years of careful research and development, Panerai successfully used plasma electrolytic oxidation technology (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation) to prepare a ceramic coating on the surface of titanium (this technology has been submitted for a patent), giving the new material a unique blue tone. This technology transforms the surface of titanium alloy into a dense ceramic layer, in which the selected metal elements are combined with electrolyte components to give the watch a unique and eye-catching blue color. The vast ocean inspires this color. This technology also significantly enhances the hardness of the material: the case is 44% lighter than stainless steel, and the fracture toughness is ten times higher than traditional ceramics. Ti-Ceramitech material can withstand high pressure and thermal stress, highlighting Panerai’s persistent pursuit of creating reliable and innovative timing tools.

The new dial features a linear optical power reserve display unique to Panerai, small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, and a patented bezel luminous system (application submitted) that is orderly around the edge to illuminate the counterclockwise rotating bezel. The iconic crown guard bridge reproduces Panerai’s timeless design, protecting the winding crown from impact and damage, adding a powerful barrier to the powerful function of the watch. On the crown guard, the new watch uniquely replaces the brand’s classic REG TM (Registered Trademark) mark with the SUB LAB mark to declare the special status of this model in the Submersible series. The blue minute hand and origin on the bezel are coated with SuperLuminovaX1 luminous paint. In contrast, the hour markers and hour hands are selected with green SuperLuminovaX2 luminous coating, which fully stimulates the cool light of the paint and further improves the design aesthetic details. SuperLuminovaX2 is the second generation of high-performance luminous paint, and its brightness after 180 minutes in a dark environment is 10% higher than the first generation SuperLuminovaX1**. The new watch has a blue rubber strap and a dual-material strap.

150 Panerai EluxLAB-IDPAM1800 limited edition watches are available, and 50 pieces will be supplied each year starting this year.