Shanghai Watch Launched The Metropolis Timeline Series, Replica Watch China

When the vinyl record is turned, the graceful music flows slowly, and the melodic singing is as if the breeze is blowing the heart, ushering in a beautiful moment. The phonograph in Shanghai, the lingering sound is not only the prosperity of the feasting but also the modernity and style of the Shiliyangchang, which has become a symbol of social status and fashion elegance. In 2023, with the phonograph as inspiration, Shanghai Watch released the Metropolis Timeline series, combining the traditional Carrousel with the dial so that the dial rotates once per hour as if the record is slowly turning on the phonograph, flowing with a beautiful melody, so that precious time leaves a visible track.

Shanghai Watch Metropolis Timeline Series

Leave a comment and record the time trace.

The invention of the phonograph started the first revolution in the preservation and transmission of sound in human history. As the earliest window for China to get in touch with Western culture, Shanghai embraced the gramophones and records that came across the ocean. They are a tool for entertainment and life and a carrier of cultural inheritance. In the 1930s, Shanghai ushered in a golden age of internationalization, where Eastern and Western cultures collided and blended. Under the social environment that embraces all rivers and rivers, culture, art, and fashion have gained unprecedented development opportunities. Among them, the booming record industry has contributed to Shanghai, an international metropolis, having recorded the track of time. Replica watch china.

As the technology of phonographs and records became increasingly mature, owning a phonograph at that time represented the attitude of enjoying a better life, and it was the lofty pursuit of almost all well-off families. When the vinyl record is turning slowly under the needle, and the hand is moving along the recording track without haste, what the phonograph slowly flows out is the charm of the old city, as if singing the patterns of the town softly. Years, the gilded years of Shanghai.

One-hour turntable, neither fast nor slow

Since its birth in 1955, Shanghai Watch has adhered to the original watchmaking intention of “manufacturing China’s first fine horse watch” and has always combined oriental aesthetic genes, creativity, and excellent craftsmanship to create timepieces with various complex functions. Forge the future of the brand. More than ten years ago, the technical team of Shanghai Watch broke through the watchmaking tradition, developed its own brand K01 movement, integrated the structural features of Carrousel into the watch design, and created the iconic orbital flywheel with ingenuity, which has achieved another classic of the brand.

The Shanghai Watch Metropolis Timeline series combines the traditional carousel with the dial surface to create a one-hour turntable.

The characteristic of Carrousel’s mechanism is to integrate the escapement system and four wheels on a larger disc so that the entire large disc can rotate on its own, completing one rotation in an average of fifty-two and a half minutes. Today, Shanghai Watch’s track-type flywheel combines the traditional carrousel disc frame with the disc surface to create a classic one-hour turntable, just like the turntable of a phonograph slowly rotates, and the disc surface rotates once an hour, which is fascinating to watch.

Summer night starry sky time trace follows the light.

On the midsummer occasion, the Shanghai Watch Metropolis·Time Trace series especially brings a shimmering aventurine dial, interpreting the romantic starry sky on a clear summer night. Aventurine originated from an accidental romance; the smoky black copper powder turned into sparkling golden ripples, shining like a starry sky, attracting reverie.

Shanghai Watch Metropolis Timeline Series Aventurine

The deep black inner shadow circle design makes the aventurine dial particularly eye-catching. Through the sapphire glass mirror, you can appreciate the oscillating beauty of the hollow track flywheel rhythm on the dial. The adjacent sword-shaped hour and minute hands are resonant and powerful and complement the small second dial of the crosshair. The Big Dipper, composed of 7 diamonds, follows behind, like a lighthouse in the starry sky, guiding the way forward under the entire night sky. The ingenious one-hour dial is covered with a blue luminous star design, complementing the green shining sword-shaped hour and minute hands. The dial rotates slowly like star trails in the night sky, leaving a track of time.

The Shanghai Watch Metropolis · Timeline series has the brand K01 manual winding movement.

The retro lugs adopt a simple and neat arc design so that the watch can fit the wrist better. The black leather strap with stainless steel butterfly buckle is convenient and flexible to wear and highlights its timeless style. The clock is equipped with the brand’s own K01 manual winding movement, with a swing frequency of up to 21,600 times per hour and a power reserve of up to 62 hours for an entire chain. The sapphire glass back cover shows its exquisite straight-grained decorative details. Rolex replicas for sale.

The dialogue between the gramophone and the watch, precision machinery, broadens the boundaries of time presentation. Adhering to the original intention of watchmaking, Shanghai Watch is constantly pursuing innovation and breakthroughs, injecting modern craftsmanship with the oriental aesthetics of international urban culture, ingeniously creating exquisite timepieces with long-lasting oriental connotations, and presenting the unique Shanghai-style oriental charm to the world.