Shanghai Table And Shangmeiying’s “Bagua Tiangong” Joint Limited Edition Breakdown Debut Replicas Watch China

Shanghai Table and Shangmeiying’s “Bagua Tiangong” joint limited edition

At the time of shock, Chun Lei moved. First, the golden monkeys came into the air, and they rose, looking for the direction of freedom, constantly breaking away, forging the pioneer’s uncomfortable spirit in time, quenching the outstanding unruly red children; Heart has become the representative of the legendary legend in the hearts of a generation. Shanghai Table and Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio (referred to as Shangmei Shadow), inspired by the classic IP “Big Tuning Tiangong,” jointly explore the core of rooting in the traditional culture about the spirit of the super self and inject the unique Chinese traditional art elements into the wrist. Table, limited to create Fab Chrono · Dajue Tiangong, showing a great attitude to control time and dare to be the first.

Oriental Gene, Reuse Classic

The Shanghai replicas watch china, which was born in 1955, and the Shang Meiying, established in 1957, is the era of the era after the founding of New China. With their firm belief and thinking about Oriental aesthetics, the two carefully developed and carefully created. From the deep Chinese tradition, The culture is inspired, and he has repeatedly made a well -known classic works, and even some results are well-known at home and abroad, becoming the pride of the Chinese.

Sun Wukong’s classic image in “Big Baged Heavenly Palace.”

The “Dazuka Tiangong” is the treasure of the history of Chinese animation from the era when there was no animation modeling. Shangmei Film brings together a lot of Chinese artists and outstanding creators to create a hundred thousand hand-painted original paintings to create a sensation. The international “Bagua Tiangong” has become a monument of Chinese animation. The ingenuity of the animation master coincides with the concept of the Shanghai watchmaker successfully trying to make the first fine horse watch in New China under challenging conditions—a significant cause of cooperation between the two sides.

Shanghai Table Fab Chrono · Da Nao Tian Palace

The Shanghai watch and Shangmei Film are combined to wake up the memories of the original heart with classic artisans, telling the interweaving and collision of tradition and innovation. Fab Chrono · Da Nao Tian Palace will cleverly blend the essence of the traditional Chinese culture shown in the oriental aesthetics contained in the Shanghai table: the red dial is inspired by the animation scene in “The Palace of the Temple,” which reproduces the auspicious clouds around and the glorious spiritual spirit. Xiaotian Palace. Jinguang Chancan’s Shanghai Watch Building’s body logo and Shangmeiying logo “emerged” above the Tiangong, showing the red heart of the two sides. Among them, the iconic Shangmeiying logo vividly restores the classic image of Sun Wukong’s hand holding a golden hoop and a backhand look.

Drive time, dare to compete for the extraordinary.

Sun Wukong, in the animation of “Dajue Tiangong,” is not afraid of restraint and dares to fight and break through in a descendant and persistent manner. Innovation, the ultimate details of the square inch, show the heroic posture of great sacredness and pursuit of the true self, inheriting the spirit of the pioneer and paying tribute to every extraordinary hero in ordinary life.

Fab Chrono · Da Nu Tiangong with silk-printed -way rotating sapphire glass diving bezel

Fab Chrono · Da Nao Tian Palace is limited to 3,000 pieces. The 43.6 mm case is PVD gold-plated 316L stainless steel. The one-way rotating sapphire glass diving bezel with silk printing is more convenient to rotate. The refractive index of 1.77 of sapphire glass makes the golden scale at the bottom of the bezel more shining, and at the same time, it has reached a strong defense. Essence The dial is equipped with a three-dimensional black internal film circle, which is convenient for reducing the courses and adds a sense of layering to the entire disk surface. The position of the dial at 6 o’clock is displayed. The pointer and the time marking are covered with swiss replica website Super-Luminova luminous light. It is like the golden eyes of the big sacred fire. They are not afraid of being in the night.

On the back cover of the stainless steel meter, Sun Wukong’s classic image and limited encoding of “Big Tissue Tianshan.”

The watch is equipped with an accurate and stable ST21 automatic chain movement. The upper chain can reach 42 hours of power storage. The red silicone strap with the western logo of “SHANGHAI” is equipped with a uniquely designed easy -to -demolition band structure, which is convenient for cleaning the dust and salt of the watch’s appearance. Flip the eye, the back cover of the stainless steel watch is engraved with the classic image and limited encoding of Sun Wukong in “The Palace of the Temple.” Xi’s posture gives infinite vitality. The inspiration and shock that once brought to the world.

Recalling the legend, Yiyi moves forward.

Fab Chrono · Da Nao Tiangong Name Limited Watch Box

As the legendary memories of a generation of people, “Big Tissue” constantly shapes and inspires everyone who yearns for freedom and goes all out for longevity. Fab Chrono · Da Nao Tiangong also brought a joint limited edition watch box this time, specially designed to carry Wudi ambitions. The overall design of the table box is consistent with the golden-red color scheme. The inside uses golden lines to portray the diverse attitude of the great sanctuary and the storm. With the promising cloud bottom texture, it is more exquisite and exquisite with the watch. The table box buckle and the attached Liuli town are printed with the classic image of Sun Wukong.

The table box design integrates the classic image of Sun Wu Kong.

Fab Chrono · Da Nao Tiangong reflects the extension of Shanghai Watch and Shangmei Film and the continuation of the past. It is also a new blend of traditional cultural essence and Oriental aesthetics. The big waves washed the leadership, and the time achieved the classic, and also cared for sincerity. I hope everyone will become the “Qi Tian Da Sheng” of their own life.