Rolex Swiss Watch Replica Technology – The Balance Wheel

The Rolex watch, known for its precision, is equipped with two inseparable components, a spring and a balance wheel. However, these two virtual devices, which combine, receive different degrees of attention, and the swiss watch replica is mainly on the gossamer. Conventionally, the inertia effect of inertia is often forgotten, where the rhythm of this fine gossamer thread is inertia. Moreover, this neglected balance wheel effectively ensures the regularity of the balance swing components. So the balance wheel is no less essential and technical than the famous slender gossamer.

In 1957, Rolex created an important balance wheel design that allowed movement speed to be adjusted, making significant progress in the brand’s ability to keep accurate timekeeping and consolidating its reputation as the world’s best watchmaker. Rolex engineers do some systematic innovations to tiny the inertial effect of balance wheels. Microstella small screws are created to improve the accuracy of the swiss watch replica. This Rolex proprietary device is still embedded in the brand’s movement, the only difference being that it is now made of gold nuts. One or two pairs of small, symmetrical, star-shaped fine-tuning nuts will screw into the inside of the balance ring (technically called the ring), which is about 1 cm in diameter. Using a unique Rolex tool, the watchmaker will adjust the inertia and rhythm of the balance wheel to correct the swing accuracy by gently tightening or loosening the nuts (it must rotate two opposite nuts simultaneously to maintain balance). Watchmakers can also get custom replica watches review, according to the wearing of various situations, to adjust the balance wheel.

Venus design

To understand how this device works, imagine a figure skater’s rotation. His arms are turned inward to reduce inertia and increase rotation speed. If he needed to slow down, he would stretch his arms out. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf in 1958, pointed out the importance of the new balance wheel and the star-shaped fine-tuning screw for the brand’s future development. As competition for vision and precision timing grew fiercer, he wrote in one letter: “… We must adopt a new ‘Microstella’ movement that will help cement our leadership position!” He was so enthusiastic about the invention that he used it as a selling point, engraving the words “Microstella adjustment” on the back of the swiss watch replica with the new 1560 movement.

Swiss watch replica important component

The Rolex balance wheel and the star-shaped fine-tuning nut combined the advantages of two primary watchmaking adjustment methods of the time: a balance wheel equipped with tuning screws and a fine-tuning device. The former ensures high accuracy on the same principle (the screws placed on the periphery of the ring wheel can adjust the rotational inertia). Still, the disadvantage is that once installed in the movement, the function of the balance swing component cannot be changed. The more widely used latter can be adjusted through a trimmer, and the swiss watch replica can adjust the balance swing assembly in situ. However, this method is less accurate and may make the device less stable. The trick of the fine-tuning nut is that it can effectively improve the variable inertia of the adjustment screw and the balance wheel, allowing the watchmaker to accurately adjust the balance wheel that has been fixed in the shell of the movement. The star shape of the nut provides for tight and fine-tuning at any position.

The slightest deviation

The Rolex balance wheel combines far more technology and complexity than a Venus design. The ring formed by the ring wheel and the wheel arm is made of Glucydur, Paramagnetic beryllium copper alloy, and a low thermal expansion coefficient so that the precise operation of the balance wheel from magnetic field interference. The change of gossamer characteristics can offset the effect of metal expansion or contraction caused by temperature change. In the Bienne watchmaking factory, the balance wheel is processed from solid rod material, which ensures that the balance wheel is installed in the center of the movement to achieve perfect balance. Its manufacturing deviation is +/-2 microns, two-thousandths of a millimeter. The watch’s components are manufactured following Rolex quality standards. Like a ship, which cannot easily veer off course once it has set sail, Rolex cycloid has a high coefficient of inertia (square of radius times mass), resulting from an intelligent optimization that reduces all external disturbances to maintain the desired accuracy over long periods.

Swiss watch replica table factory homemade

In addition, the balance wheel is equipped with a tiny shaft to fasten it to the device. This assembly also requires unique technology to be made. To reduce friction and maximize the free vibration of the balance wheel and spring, the end of the swing wheel shaft (pivot) must be excellent. The pivot is just 0.07 millimeters (or 70 microns) in diameter, the same size as human hair. The spring is “rolled up” to enhance durability, and specialized knowledge is required to perform this critical process. The gossamer made by Rolex, the components of the balance wheel, the pivot stone, the Paraflex damping device that holds the pieces in place, and the all-important lubricant all fully grasp all the elements to make the movement accurate and reliable, and this is the foundation of the Rolex movement can enjoy the reputation.