Rolex New Green Water Ghost Watches Replica True And False Identification

The media had previously reported that fake watches appeared in the Rolex New Green Water Ghost Market, and some businesses had been duped – because the other side had attached invoices and a complete set of accessories and believed it was true. Still, it proved that they bought fake watches replica, so why would experienced businesses also be duped? Is the imitation table technology so advanced that it can not be directly identified? How should consumers identify such fake watches? Today, let’s talk about the identification methods used when buying watches.

Briefly describe the identification process and evaluation focus of available watches replica:

1. Determine the authenticity of the watch

How to identify a watch? The identification of a watch is nothing more than the identification of the watch. Each component has its brand of technology and technology, from the watch pointer, face plate, case, strap, and watch buckle to the card and movement. For Rolex, the critical point is the watch pointer; The central axis of the information is the most crucial aspect of the appearance. The Swiss watch process can be particularly prominent in the details. The key to distinguishing between true and false is whether the edges of the central axis are chamfered, complete, and beautiful without any burrs. Other monitoring points include the ink mark of the face plate, the exclusive precious metal mark, the shock absorber, and the micro adjustment device in the movement (no jamming, no quick or slow adjustment mode), etc.

2. Determine the original degree of the watch

it is to judge whether the watch components are authentic and whether the watch is modified; this is a new routine in the market. Some modified watches replica replace the original shell and movement, but movement is the most valuable part. Therefore, the identification is to look at the movement parts in addition to the watch case, face plate, needle, and buckle.

3. Appearance of watches replica

That is, we often say that people can refurbish the quality and appearance of the watch by polishing technology. Hence, the focus is to observe whether there is excessive polishing because it will cause the watch to lose the original lines of the case.

4. Completeness of functional status

Check whether the running time of the franck muller replica watch is expected because the cost of some repairs will be very high, so this is also an essential part.
As far as the event Green Water Ghost imitation watch is concerned, this fake watch has been made very carefully. For example, the size, material, and color of the watch’s ceramic ring and the movement’s appearance are similar. In addition, the kinetic energy of the action can reach 72 hours of the 32 series movement; In addition, many optimizations and improvements have been made on the central axis of the table.

However, a fake watch is a fake watch. There is still a gap between the quality of the actual product and fake watches replica. Because of the cost control, the details are not handled carefully enough. In addition, the gap is more significant in polishing the movement parts. As long as the cover is opened, it can be seen intuitively to identify the true and false. Of course, if it is difficult to open the lid when buying a new watch, and you cannot identify yourself, you can invite the brand service center to complete it under the official witness.