Roger Dubuis King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch Replicas

Time is endless; the universe is infinite,
Unrestrained imagination, extraordinary imagination,
Follow Roger Dubuis to ride the vast galaxy,
With exquisite skills, the universe is integrated into the wrist, creating an excellent timepiece beyond imagination,
The king of hollowing out, reaching the future!

The stars gather, and the light reappears. Roger Dubuis once again joins hands with the top tattoo artist Dr.Woo to reinterpret the iconic pentagram element, blending artistic beauty with unrestrained innovation; the collision of Hyper Horology and exquisite tattoo art, leading the production of Watch technology is moving towards a new star field with great expressiveness. Just like the vast and boundless universe, creative inspiration is also endless. Under the integration and sublimation of graphic design and excellent watchmaking skills, it proudly turns into an unruly and avant-garde work-the King Series Interstellar Skeleton Artist Cooperation Watch -Dr. Woo.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo

Jieao joins hands to innovate

Following the stunning launch of the King’s Series Single Flying Tourbillon Artist Cooperation Watch in 2021, this time, the tattoo master Dr.Woo reinvented the classic King’s Series Star Skeleton Watch—the fantastic design of a dream. Combining exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design, with the simple line design on the case and movement and the beautiful use of selected materials, the classic tattoo pattern is engraved on the ceramic surface, reflecting the subtle relationship between the passage of time and the changes in the universe. Extraordinary creativity.

Roger Dubuis pioneered Hyper Horology. With a bold and fearless attitude, superb skills, excellent performance, and innovation, it constantly subverts the conventions and leads the traditional watchmaking industry into a new era of modern style. As a provocative figure in tattoo art, Dr.Woo also leads the urban art circle. He has drawn unique tattoos for many famous people and has won the appreciation of top international celebrities with his unique vision. He is good at creating surreal needle designs, entirely different from traditional tattoos’ thick lines and bright colors. He has a unique style of minimalism, monochrome and single needle.

Galaxy on the Wrist, Fantastic Movement

The journey of cosmic exploration starts from the watch’s dial, focusing on three astral celestial bodies. The fiery sun is laser engraved between 10 and 11 o’clock with fine lines, figures, and dots are drawn on a black PVD brass plate. The continuously moving brass plate is covered by the built-in micro-rotor of the movement, which rotates quickly and regularly with the direction of the wearer’s wrist.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo

The globe is covered over the barrel between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock; this rotating energy source is once again embellished with Dr. Woo’s exquisite art, ingeniously linked to the rotation of the watch’s hands. Such an ingenious design allows the disc to complete a smooth revolution every 6 hours and 40 minutes (or 3.6 cycles per day). Swiss replica watches store.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo

The moon is positioned at 8 o’clock, and the slender crescent is embellished with fine circles and lines, revealing the exquisite openwork of the balance wheel below.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo

Like gazing at the night sky, the fantasy scene of spiral moving components fascinates the wearer. The case back design also highlights the theme, drawing the sun, earth, moon patterns, and Dr.Woo’s signature.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo

Subversion of conventional interstellar trajectory

Other symbols are equally striking on the watch, among them the well-known Dr. Woo’s iconic spider pattern between 2 and 3 o’clock. This symbol appeared on the first cooperation watch released in 2021. It has quietly returned, with black engraved lines perched on the sapphire crystal glass disc inside the eye. This element, symbolizing strength and protection, establishes a close connection with the artist in each timepiece.

Even more subtle, Roger Dubuis’s iconic pentagram pattern is etched in metalized gold and engraved on the sapphire crystal glass disc inside the watch, reinterpreting the dazzling brilliance of this unique collaboration. Charm. The pattern presents a space exploration journey started by a three-dimensional carved rocket ship, starting from the first cooperative limited edition timepiece, constantly advancing, and now sailing into a new galaxy centered on the sun, the earth, and the moon. The position of the stars is connected to the hour markers in rose gold-tone, and the last beam of light at 9 o’clock also completes its trajectory, galloping towards an unknown but hopeful future. Where is the next stop? Let your imagination run wild. Watch replicas.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo Dr.Woo’s Inspiration Creation

When talking about this new King series interstellar skeleton watch, Dr.Woo said: “Through the design of this watch, we can think about how time passes in the Milky Way, because our solar system is an incredible place full of ancient times. Unchanging rhythms and ever-changing patterns. Roger Dubuis is committed to creating unique Hyper Horology™ masterpieces, providing a powerful innovation platform that allows us to freely express our creativity.” Great control black Ceramic King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo adopts a black ceramic case with a simple appearance. Unlike most watchmakers who use ceramic cases to accommodate materials, Roger Dubuis does the opposite and finds another way. Relying on its muscular technical strength, the brand unswervingly adopts a case shape with sharp lines, which can easily handle materials that are difficult to process, and precisely fits the structure of the design.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo

Although the process takes 15 times longer than making the same case in gold, there are many benefits to the wearer of this challenging task. Roger Dubuis ceramic timepieces are highly resistant to daily scratches, and they are still as shiny as new despite the passage of time, which can be regarded as a model of the coexistence of durability and high appearance.

This 42mm ceramic case is engraved with Dr.Woo’s iconic design style: whether it is a triangle extending from the ground or a circle that represents everyone’s infinite connection, the artist’s very mysterious logo. The sex symbol surrounds the bezel and rim of the watch. A series of unique geometric symbols stimulate curiosity, making people want to discover and interpret the mystery in their way. These symbols also adorn the calfskin strap, making them an eye-catching element. The strap adopts a multi-functional quick-release system, which is convenient for the wearer to replace the belt and realize personalized creativity quickly.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo

The king of hollow-out, excellent performance

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo is equipped with the self-winding RD720SQ movement, known for its excellent performance. The built-in micro-rotor shaded by the sun pattern is designed to absorb shocks, and its balance wheel makes full use of inertia to maximize stability and reduce sensitivity to shocks. The precise mechanical structure of the diamond-coated silicon escapement guarantees a 72-hour long-term dynamic storage, bringing higher practicality and comfort to the wearer.

The King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo is a masterpiece of contemporary art and meets the highly respected Geneva Seal certification. Each part is carefully crafted, showing high skill and passion.

subversive masterpiece, immortal art

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo is a rare stardust that shines in the world of Hyper Horology. It is limited to 28 pieces and is worth collecting immediately to witness the subversive achievements of cross-border cooperation. Like tattoo art on the wrist, this art has eternal meaning, constantly reminding collectors to make every second of life an epic.

King Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr.Woo