Rado Swiss Radar Watch Launched The Real Thin Series World Garden Cooperation Watch Replica

One flower, one world, one tree, one floating life. Open “Nature,” a collection of poems with magical energy, and the world’s beauty is described in it. Feeling nature, drawing endless creativity and inspiration, Rado Swiss radar once again cooperated with the World Gardens (Great Gardens of the World) organization to launch a new True Thinline series watch replica, depicting the “new chapter.” This time, Rado carefully selected three rare and globally endangered plants, Hawaiian Golden Palm, Chilean Araucaria, and Yemeni Dracaena, to balance and integrate excellent design, artistic beauty, and new textures and shapes. In the watchmaking process, three beautiful and moving new watches are used to show the world the creativity and talent endowed by nature to human beings.

True Thinline series World Garden cooperation watches “Palme d’Or,” “Araucaria,” “Dracaena.”

Explore the new “three chapters,” poetic bloom on the wrist.

Since the beginning of the cooperation between Rado and the large Italian garden organization (Grandi Giardini Italiani) in 2017, the brand has formed an indissoluble bond with nature, and the True Thinline series of natural watches was born. This time, Rado reveals new poems for this stunning timepiece series, bringing the eighth chapter-Palme d’Or, the ninth chapter-Araucaria, and the tenth chapter-Dracaena, three of which are based on nature. The pen’s exquisite watch releases nature’s timeless beauty on the wrist.

All three timepieces have a one-piece high-tech ceramic case, breaking the traditional watchmaking design with a light and thin steel inner frame and blooming in three shades of black, white, and plasma gray. Paired with a polished high-tech ceramic bracelet, it is fixed with a reliable, non-allergenic three-fold titanium buckle. It is complex with the case and has a soft and smooth touch, achieving a light and comfortable wearing experience. The watch is equipped with Rado’s excellent R766 movement, which has passed comprehensive tests in five directions and can provide up to 64 hours of power storage. Minutes and seconds can accurately travel time. The water resistance of the three timepieces is 3 bar (30 meters), and the automatic movement equipped in the watch has excellent performance, which can meet the various needs of daily wear.

Authentic Thinline World Garden Cooperation Watch

Chapter Eight: Palme d’Or

Open the poem, come to the eighth chapter of the story, bathe in this elegant and bright ‘Golden Palm,’ and feel the pure charm it exudes on the wrist. The polished black case and matching dial are presented in a modern black-gold color scheme. Through the double-sided anti-reflective box-shaped sapphire glass mirror, you can appreciate the exquisite details of the dial – eye-catching and orderly black wrinkles. Shaped embossed structure design exquisitely and meticulously reproduces the beauty of folds of Hawaiian golden palm leaves. The gold-plated hands and the Rado Swiss radar watch logo are eye-catching and outstanding, adding elegance to the inside of the watch mirror. The profound style and charming brilliance endow this chapter with a mature and stable manner. People who like modern and modern techniques will be attracted by the charm of “Palme d’Or.”

Authentic Thinline World Garden Cooperation Watch “Palme d’Or.”

Chapter Nine: Araucaria

Quietly listen to the story of the ninth chapter, and the refreshing “Araucaria” on the wrist releases a good mood like a spring breeze. Made of pure polished white high-tech ceramics, this timepiece has a beautiful outline, outstanding beauty, and luxurious touch, which condenses the designer’s ingenuity and creativity. The white mother-of-pearl dial engraved with exquisite craftsmanship is engraved with the typical growth structure of Araucaria, a rare and precious large tree species in Chile-fresh and playful leaf contours, delicate and unique design contrasting sharply with the tips of the leaves, and at the same time full of dazzling luster, creating a distinctively fresh and chic atmosphere. Like other chapter models in this series, “Araucaria” uses a titanium case back, and the words “GREAT GARDENS OF THE WORLD” (Garden of the World) and the chapter number to which the watch belongs are engraved on the sapphire glass to highlight its Exclusive identity. Through the bottom cover of the case, the cross-section of the growth rings of the “Araucaria” tree trunk can be vaguely seen. This unique pattern can also be seen on the particular collection display box specially launched for collectors and the attached special edition card. , to express the meaning of commemoration. The fresh and elegant style is the central theme of this chapter. Collectors who love simple style will stop by the story of “Araucaria.” Patek philippe replica.

Accurate Thinline World Garden Cooperation Watch “Araucaria”

Chapter Ten: Dragon Blood Tree

The exquisite double-layer partition design dial of ‘Dragon Blood Tree’ fills the tenth chapter with deep and charming notes. The rhodium-colored sunray brushed hollow on the top layer is shaped like a dragon’s blood tree with entwined branches. The rose gold back plate is subtly cut into an organic shape, looming under the hollowed top layer, and the rose gold hour and minute hands are dotted on the dial. The overall lifelike design is reminiscent of the intricate branches of the Yemeni dragon blood tree, which grows freely with natural energy. With the blessing of plasma technology, the watch shows a cool gray tone. This technology is carried out in an extreme environment that is several times the temperature of the sun’s surface and close to 20,000 degrees Celsius, and it is refined in the blazing heat to achieve its style. The combination of stunning craftsmanship and exquisite design endows this chapter with a mysterious and noble texture. Its distinctive dial pattern shows the wonderful charm of the “Dragon Blood Tree,” which will attract many watch lovers who love nature.

Authentic Thinline World Garden Cooperation Watch “Dragon Blood Tree”

Combining the mysteries of nature with the ultimate craftsmanship, Rado has drawn three new chapters for the True Thinline series of watches, fully reflecting the ingenuity of watchmakers and the exquisite skills of “material masters.” In addition to these three most beautiful chapters, which can be purchased separately chapter by branch, Rado Swiss Rado also considerately launched a particular collection display box version of the three watch models for collectors, limited to 99 sets, which is immensely valuable for collection.

Authentic Thinline World Garden Cooperation Watch Collection Display Box

Time flies, time flies, let time wander. On the other hand, nature possesses magical energy and can always show itself in its incomparably beautiful and indestructible actual state. Rado’s inspiration to combine nature’s mysteries with watches this time reflects the ingenuity of watchmakers and the continuous exploration and pursuit of craftsmanship and materials by “material masters.” In the future, the brand will continue to explore nature’s beauty. Create more watches with a sense of design and creativity, revealing new and beautiful poems.

Authentic Thinline World Garden Cooperation Watch

  • Model: R27113152, R27118902, R27088122
  • Movement: Rado R766 movement, automatic mechanical movement, 21 jewels, two hands, power reserve of up to 64 hours, anti-magnetic Nivachron hairspring;Standard raised beyond 3-position testing to 5-position testing for greater accuracy; water resistance up to 3 bar (30 meters)
  • Dimensions: 40.0 x 44.6 x 9.0 (WxLxH unit: mm)

R27113152 Chapter 8 / Palme d’Or

  • Case: Gold-plated metal with Rado logo and anti-reflective coating on both sides, titanium case back, digital engraving on sapphire glass: GREAT GARDENS OF THE
    , WORLD CHAPTER 8, WORLD CHAPTER 8 cooperation watch chapter eight
  • Dial: Black wrinkled embossed structure, shaped like a Hawaiian golden palm leaf
  • Pointer: gold color
  • Bracelet: Polished black high-tech ceramic three-fold titanium clasp

R27118902 Chapter IX/Araucaria

  • Case: box-shaped sapphire glass with silver-tone metal-plated Rado logo and double-sided anti-reflective coating, titanium case back, sapphire Numbered engraving on the glass: GREAT GARDENS OF THE WORLD CHAPTER 9
  • Dial: white mother-of-pearl engraved with the typical growth structure of Araucaria
  • Pointer: Silver
  • Bracelet: Polished white high-tech ceramic three-fold titanium clasp

R27088122 Chapter Ten/Dracaena

  • Case: one-piece case, box-shaped sapphire glass mirror with rose gold-plated metal-plated Rado Swiss radar watch logo and double-sided anti-reflective coating, titanium metal bottom cover, Digitally stamped on sapphire glass: GREAT GARDENS OF THE WORLD CHAPTER 10
  • Dial: Two-layer dial: the top layer is brushed and hollowed out with a rhodium-colored sunray pattern, shaped like a dragon’s blood tree with entwined branches/background is rose gold
  • Hands: rose gold
  • Bracelet: Polished plasma high-tech ceramic three-fold titanium clasp
  • Price: RMB 20,900