Panerai Unveils The Exclusive And Groundbreaking Ti-ceramitech Material, Replica Swiss Watches

Human curiosity never ends. Titanium metal materials have high strength but need to be more arduous enough; ceramic materials have high hardness but are relatively fragile. Is there a material that can combine the advantages of both? As a high-performance competitive sport, sailing has strict requirements for hull manufacturing materials, so it has always been at the forefront of material innovation, research, and development. In recent years, as ships have become faster, the pressure and friction on sailboat parts have increased. To solve this problem, after many experiments, the top fleet from Italy – the Luna Rossa sailing team- accidentally discovered a specially treated ceramic material that successfully reduced friction to less than 10%.

LunaRossa sailing team’s new AC75 hydrofoil monohull hits the water for the first time.

As the official sponsoring partner of the Luna Rossa sailing team for many years, the Swiss high-end watchmaking brand Panerai has always launched a variety of cooperative watches inspired by the technological innovation and pioneering adventurous spirit of the sailing world. This year, the brand once again developed a new Ti-Ceramitech material inspired by the ship’s hull, reflecting the brand’s advanced technology and the fearless spirit represented by Luna Rossa. After seven years of careful research and development by the Panerai Creative Workshop (Laboratorio di Idee), the patented research on the ceramicization of titanium material was completed through plasma electrolytic oxidation technology (Electrolytic Plasma Oxidation) and gave this material a unique look. Blue tint. This technology significantly enhances the hardness of the material: the case is 44% lighter than fine steel, and its fracture toughness is ten times higher than that of traditional ceramics. Ti-Ceramitech material can withstand high pressure and extremely high thermal stress, combining the advantages of titanium and ceramic materials. Replica swiss watches.

Panerai Submersible 44mm Luna Rossa Ti-Ceramitech Automatic Watch

PAM1543 (left) and PAM1466 (right)

The Panerai Submersible 44mm Luna Rossa Ti-Ceramitech self-winding watches PAM1466 and PAM1543, unveiled at the 2024 “Watches and Wonders” Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, use this groundbreaking material for the first time, showcasing its unique features and demonstrating a high-performance and cutting-edge combination of technologies. The 44 mm Ti-Ceramitech case presents a distinctive blue color. Many designs incorporate elements of the Luna Rossa fleet, further consolidating the long-term cooperative relationship between the two parties and reflecting Panerai’s commitment to innovative materials and Its extraordinary passion for conquering the vast ocean. Rolex replica watches.