Knowledge About Fake Watches

In our daily life, fake watches can not only improve the convenience of life but also can be used as accessories. But many people are not very aware of some slight knowledge of the nep Rolex watch, so Xiaobian today to introduce to you.

What should I do if the fake watches are foggy:

Watch fog mainly because the temperature difference changes; if the moisture for a long time does not fade more and more harsh words may be the nep Rolex watch into a small amount of water, the temperature is too big or too low will appear on the dial fog. In this case, we can use absorbent paper to absorb the mist in the watch, but it is best to go to the watch repair point to repair it to avoid more severe damage.

When wearing it daily, you should prevent water exposure and wear it carefully when washing your face, clothes, or rainy days.

Fake watches the maintenance cycle:

Generally speaking, the maintenance cycle of a nep Rolex watch is three to five years. If there is a problem with the watch within three years, it must be repaired in time. If the watch is not worn frequently or used carefully, it does not need maintenance for a long time.

There is no fixed period for the maintenance cycle of a watch, and one’s wishes determine it entirely. Just like a car needs maintenance, people must check the fake watch at the right time.

Fake watches the scratch repair small method:

Because the watch often leaks out, it will be damaged under other circumstances, such as external force extrusion. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to repair scratches on the watch. Our most fantastic repair tool is toothpaste. It has a potent cleaning effect. First, squeeze the toothpaste on a disposable face towel, sprinkle a few drops of water on the watch, and wipe the surface scratches with the toothpaste-stained face towel. You can see the scratches on the fake watch lighten or disappear, but this method is only suitable for ordinary replica watches. People can also repair scratches on the watch at home, depending on what type of watch is fixed. Use toothpaste to wipe the watch’s surface if it is an ordinary watch. If it is a brushed or another expensive watch, Xiaobian recommends going to a watch repair shop. Maintenance will be inadequate in the case of mechanical water in self-cleaning.

Because the watch is an accessory that needs to be worn for a long time, everyone should maintain it in time. When appropriate, you can go to the maintenance shop for polishing and polishing. Not only can the scratches on the dial be removed, but the fake watch will also look brand new.

Where to wear the fake watches on the wrist:

When a watch is worn on the wrist bone, it is convenient for us to fake watch and can also avoid a lot of time errors. Because the position of mechanical fake watches is generally on both sides of the surface, the dial is under the surface is the bottom of the table. This position can effectively improve the accuracy of the watch., Speaking of which, Some people like to wear the watch on the left-hand side; some will choose the right hand. Wearing a watch is also exquisite; in general, if it is a busy person, wear in the left hand is better, and this will prevent you from getting in the way of typing or writing. Unless, of course, you’re a lefty. In addition to the above, some people will say to uphold the male left female right to wear the law; This does not make sense because in traditional Chinese medicine, men and women have different critical points of the vein; men’s is on the left wrist, while women’s is on the right hand. So men wear fake watches generally suitable for wearing on the right hand, and women are ideal for wearing on the left hand so that the blood circulation is more smooth. There is a scientific basis for this.

In addition, when wearing white, know its shape, color, material, and so on. You can also choose the right clothes or jewelry to match it.

The above is all the content shared by Xiaobian; if you want to know more, you can continue to pay attention to Xiaobian.