IWC Father’s Day Watch Recommendation, Replica Swiss Watches

Father’s aesthetics always subtly influence us at work or in life. They are rational, romantic, open, and inclusive.

Celestial bodies have their trajectories. Each of us is shrouded in the beauty of the universe. He chose the Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch 44 (model: IW503701), equipped with a legendary perpetual calendar with one-button adjustment and patented north-south double moon phase display TM. The pointer changes constantly, but the law is from beginning to end. From macro to micro, everything is in order. Replica swiss watches.

Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch 44 (model: IW503701)

Day and night cycle back and forth. The energy at night is quiet and steady. He chose the Portuguese series manual winding tourbillon day and night display watch (model: IW545901); the flying minute tourbillon, weighing only 0.675 grams at 6 o’clock, can compete with gravity. The innovative spherical day and night display function reveals the curiosity and love for planets and time and space, and is in the Milky Way but thinking about the future of hundreds of millions of light years.

Portuguese Series Manual Winding Tourbillon Day and Night Display Watch (Model: IW545901)

Sunshine is always warm. My father has a refined temperament. He chose the Portuguese Series Automatic Watch 42 (Model: IW501705). The new case structure matches a more refined dial finish. The dune gold color portrays the warm sunshine in his heart. The stable and long-lasting “Portuguese Seven” is refreshing when sailing on the sea. Fake rolex watches.

Portuguese Series Automatic Watch 42 (Model: IW501705)

Life is an infinite game. The field my father sees is not the game itself but an all-out attitude and the beauty of every second. The Pilot Series High-Performance Chronograph (Model: IW388305/IW388306) he chose started synchronously on his wrist. The ceramic bezel with tachymeter scale accurately controls every acceleration and braking time; the black dial and luminous inlaid hour markers are designed naturally and smoothly and are completed in one go.

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 AMG Special Edition (Model: IW388305)

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team Special Edition (Model: IW388306)

North and south, day and night, stars, lakes and seas. My father gave me this orderly and vast cosmic aesthetic, which I will use to continue exploring the world.