How To Properly Maintain A Rolex Swiss Watch Replica

When it comes to watching brands, many people may think of Rolex immediately. Indeed, the Rolex brand is very familiar today, especially the Submariner series launched by Rolex, which pioneered the design idea of waterproof watches, and is called “water ghost” by watch lovers. However, many people, especially younger friends, need the correct method of maintaining the swiss watch replica, which will damage the watch instead. Today, we will introduce to you some ways to sustain Rolex correctly.

1. Regular swiss watch replica oil washing

All Rolex replica watches need to be regularly oiled and maintained. Even if the Rolex is durable, the editor thinks that regular oiling and maintenance must be done because regular oiling is a common and critical task in watch repair. The purpose of washing the oil is to keep the watch parts clean. The necessary lubrication of the machine parts to ensure the watch machine’s precision, improve the swiss watch replica machine’s travel time accuracy and prolong the watch machine’s service life.

2. Moisture-proof and anti-magnetic

If you don’t wear a watch often, don’t put it in a humid place or around magnetic items, as this will affect the watch’s accuracy. It is best to check them all so you can rest assured and avoid severe damage to internal moving parts due to time delays. In humid weather, it is easy to condense the internal oil of the watch, which will cause the phenomenon of running and stopping, slow division, or complete stop, resulting in the hardening of the waterproof ring and reducing the waterproof performance. Particular attention has been paid to the fact that seawater contains salt, which is corrosive to metal components. When going out for activities, rinse the swiss watch replica case with fresh water to avoid corrosion.

3. Influent water treatment

Use granular silica gel and put the water-logged watch into an airtight container. After 3-4 hours, take out the watch, and the water will disappear. This method is simple and economical, without any damage or impact on the accuracy and life of the swiss watch replica. The silica gel that has absorbed water many times can be dried at 120°C for several hours, and the water absorption capacity can be regenerated and used repeatedly.

If the water ingress is severe, it is best to send it to a local professional watch shop to wipe the oil immediately to remove the moisture from the movement to prevent the parts from rusting.

For watch maintenance, every watch lover has their or unique method. The editor thinks that if you don't even maintain your favorite watch, you don't deserve to wear a watch. Therefore, in daily life, we must always pay attention to whether the watch is damaged. If you are unsure, it is recommended to check on a professional website first or let a professional master check your love watch regularly. I hope your Rolex watch will always be as bright as ever.