How Much Do You Believe In The Unreliable Knowledge Of Playing Swiss Replica Watches?

No matter which circles you set foot in; there will always be some true and false statements. Especially in the watch circle where fish and dragons are mixed, there are many rumors under the guise of popular science. Not only will Xiaobai be misled, but senior players will also occasionally step on mines.

How many of them have you believed in the self-test?

01 Mechanical watches are better than quartz watches

Mechanical watches are more complicated than quartz watches but are still better.

Quartz watches are accurate and have minor errors. Relying on battery power, it is lighter and thinner than mechanical watches, and at the same time, it is more worry-free and labor-saving in daily maintenance.

How to choose depends on everyone’s preferences.

02 Pulling out the crown of the watch can “save power.”

In reality, many people will misunderstand, thinking that pulling out the crown of the quartz watch can stop the clock from moving, thereby achieving the purpose of saving power. Fake watches for sale.

But for quartz watches, this method will save power and increase the risk of water entering the eye, resulting in fogging of the mirror or moisture in the internal parts.

More importantly, even if the watch head is pulled out to stop the second hand from rotating, the mechanical device inside the watch is still running, and it isn’t easy to save power.

So remember! The crown is an essential waterproof part, no matter what type of watch it is. You must remember to return it after each use to ensure the airtightness and waterproofness of the eye.

03 Wearing less or not wearing mechanical watches can avoid failure

This needs to be clarified! Knives will rust after a long time; the same is valid for mechanical swiss replica watches.

If the watch you buy is not worn for a long time, the internal oil may precipitate, and impurities such as grease will appear, preventing the eye from running normally.

If it is stored in an improper location and is in contact with chemicals or electronic products for a long time, the chance of failure will increase, affecting the watch’s travel time.

04 Watches made of hard materials will not wear out

Remember! Watches are consumables, and no matter how good the steel is or how expensive the precious metal is, there will be wear and tear problems.

Many people think that watches made of hard metal materials will not wear out, so they like to place their eyes randomly in daily life.

But “not easy to wear” does not mean “won’t wear.” When the watch encounters friction or bumps, it will also wear out.

05 If the watch has anti-magnetic, you don’t need to pay attention to anti-magnetic

Although the anti-magnetic function can reduce the watch’s magnetized appearance, we still need to pay attention to avoid contacting the eye with magnetic substances in daily wear and use.

06 Waterproof watches can be worn in the shower

We have repeatedly emphasized this issue, “waterproof” does not mean “waterproof vapor”!

Because the watch’s rubber is easy to age when heated, and in the bathroom or other warm water environment, the water vapor molecules are tiny, and it is easy to penetrate the watch case, causing damage to the internal machinery.

Therefore, wearing a watch to take a bath, take a sauna, or soak in a hot spring is not allowed!

07 The watch does not need maintenance

Of course not! Especially for expensive mechanical watches, the balance wheels of the movement need to rub against each other at least tens of thousands of times per minute. During this process, the table oil can play a lubricating role.

But as time goes by, the surface oil will also be used up, and the degree of wear of the parts will gradually increase. Therefore, to avoid future maintenance, regular maintenance is necessary.

Does the above differ from your perception? As a luxury item, watches are very particular about all process aspects, from purchase to wearing and maintenance.

Think more and verify more, improve the ability to identify rumors, not only can make you fewer pitfalls but also make you understand the charm of watches better. In addition, what words have you encountered while playing eyes?