History Of Evolution Of Rolex Greenwood Ii Best Fake Watches

The production of Ref.16710 ended in 2007. The 5 -digit Greenwich model completely withdrew from the historical stage. In the same year, the new 6 -digit 6 -digit model Ref.116710ln came out, and the movement was 3186. The 6 -digit model G: The appearance of the Greenworm type has undergone tremendous changes compared with the old model. The bezel was replaced from a scratched aluminum alloy with a wear-resistant ceramic ring with platinum-plated numbers in the bezel. The ears and shoulders are thicker, making them look more durable. Of course, it was initially very durable. This can be seen in many circulating antique best fake watches. The table’s structure (the crown) also turns into a three-buck lock system, making it look more precise. The appearance of the bracelet is also very different. The middle part uses mirror polishing artistry, and the interior has changed from hollow to solid, making the watch thicker and more durable. In addition, the dial design is also a highlight. The color of the 24-hour pointer (GMT pointer) and the logo are uniformly green.

In addition, in 2013, from the green Luminova luminous to Chromalight long-acting blue, glowing light, the REF.116710Blnr of the Inter ring in the same year joined the camp. Ref.116710ln Like the old Ref.16710, some Stick dials were also more common in individuals in V -heads in 2009.

REF.16710’s cola and Pepsi circle did not see them in the original 6 -digit model. This disappointed many cousins at the time. However, as one of the unique Rolex replicas for sale representative colors, the red and blue Pepsi circle still lived up to its return in 2014, but it was only used on its latest platinum model. Unfortunately, On the type of production line.

Before the appearance of the 6 -digit model of the steel model, its gold model REF.116713LN and pure gold Ref.116718LN had first appeared. Ref.116713LN was released in 2006, and Ref.116718LN was released in 2005. The series of Greenni II was discontinued in 2018, and the current appearance appeared.

The current model equipped with the latest movement 3285 was originally the five-bead chain REF.126710BLRO, the golden black Sands circle of the red and blue Pepsi circle, the golden black Sands circle REF.126711CHNR and the pure gold Ref.126715CHNR, the red and blue Pepsi circle. It has appeared again on the steel model for many years. The latest eternal rose gold is full of everyone’s attention. It was a hot topic at the time.

In 2019, the five-bead chain Ref.126710BLNR of the Blue and Black Inter will also be it. It is also called [Female Batman] abroad, and Platinum Pyranium appeared again this year. By the way, after the black circle of the previous paragraph was discontinued, it disappeared directly in front of the public.

At the 2022 press conference, Rolex launched the latest steel REF.126720VTNR green and black bezel. Like the previous bezel, there is a nickname for a drink name [Sprite Circle]. The bezel is not the biggest highlight of it. The biggest highlight is the position of the calendar window and the crown on the left side of the case. It is more suitable for friends with left-handed friends. Like the Inter-Interns and Pepsi, there are five beads and oyster chains to choose from. In the first few months after the release, the online price was outrageous, about six times the official price, which was an astounding market price.