HAUTLENCE Writes A New Chapter With The Classic Black Linear Series 2 Replica Watches

March 16, 2023, Neuhausen am Rheinfall (Neuhausen am Rheinfall) – September 2022, HAUTLENCE opens a new chapter in its history with the Linear Series 1 watch. This year, the brand will launch the Linear Series 2 watch at the prestigious Geneva replica watches & Wonders (Watches&Wonders) Haute Horlogerie Fair. The case of the black Linear Series 2 has been redesigned. The black PVD coating forms a sharp contrast with the colored elements of the movement. The new sign and unique reading time display again interpret the brand’s firm commitment to innovate and challenge the limit constantly.

From jumping hour discs, semi-orbital hour chains, and jumping hours revolving around the ball to today’s linear retrograde hours, all of them are out of the ordinary and innovative. Once again, HAUTLENCE continues the revolutionary design concept and regains the genes of the first model; this innovation extends to reading time-adding a new time dimension. This large slender chain echoes the design used in the first movement HL developed by HAUTLENCE in 2004. A small white hand at its end indicates the hours with a vertical scale. Once the number 12 has passed, the snail lever disengages from the probe, releasing the accumulated energy. Then the chain jumps back to number 1. In addition to the linear retrograde hours, Linear Series 2 also has a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock. You can enjoy the tourbillon running like a ballet through its hollow blue bridge.

On the Linear Series 2 watch, the deep black scale complements the same rich black stainless steel case, while the application of PVD coating is distinguished from the color of the chain and, at the same time, forms a sharp contrast with the blue tourbillon bridge and minute hand. The overall color matching is harmonious And vivid. This color scheme underscores the distinctive modern aesthetic of this redesigned ultra-durable case. The case is water resistant to up to 10 ATMs. Using side reliefs makes HAUTLENCE’s iconic TV look more three-dimensional, flexible, and lively while exuding a chic and modern atmosphere. The grooved bezel is also covered with PVD coating, and the black rubber material echoes the strap.

Like HAUTLENCE’s consistent approach, the dial adopts a multi-layer design. An additional sapphire glass dial bearing the minute number is set on the bottom dial, and the vertical frosted pattern is acceptable and reasonable. The main dial is partially open to reveal the movement components. One of the parts visible through the opening is the minute cam. It is whole with the minute hand, and it rotates once an hour, and every time an hour passes, the minute area rises. After 60 minutes, the minute zone falls back into place, which drives the hour starwheel containing the hour cam.

The D50 self-winding movement is the driving force of the Linear Series 2 swiss replica watch. The trend is independently developed, designed, and manufactured by HAUTLENCE, thus increasing the number of the brand’s movements to eight. Created in cooperation with Agenhor, the campaign includes 239 components, a vibration frequency of 3 Hz, and a power reserve of 72 hours. The finely crafted oscillating weight is reminiscent of the brand’s famous Moebius. As a masterpiece of technical and aesthetic excellence, this component is worthy of being the core driving force of this unique watch-marking the irreplaceable moment of transformation and rejuvenation that the HAUTLENCE brand is currently undergoing.

HAUTLENCE: A pioneer of modern architectural aesthetic timepieces, an active leader in independent watchmaking.