Glashütte Original Senator Observatory Tourbillon Watch World Premiere, Cheap Replica Watches

The German high-end watchmaking brand Glashütte’s original “Flyback Tourbillon” patent marks another major technological breakthrough in “advanced timepieces.” When it stops on its track, it can rotate smoothly and return to its original position. Original location. This innovative masterpiece achieves the offset of gravity. The richly layered design of the Senator Chronometer Tourbillon provides an elegant and charming stage for this beautiful ‘whirlwind.” This exquisite timepiece is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. It is equipped with a laser-engraved movement that allows you to admire its inner scenery from the front and a refined dial with an embedded day and night display. It is a masterpiece of traditional Glashütte watchmaking craftsmanship and modern elegant art. Cheap replica watches.

A flyback tourbillon that dares to break through

The Tourbillon is recognized as one of the most challenging complications in haute horlogerie. The Tourbillon rotates on its axis in one minute with the entire oscillation and escapement system. In 1920, Glashütte watchmaker Alfred Helwig gave the Tourbillon the ability to “fly” by fixing only one side of it, thereby detaching it from the upper half of the frame. Glashütte Original has successfully cleared the last obstacle to the flying Tourbillon.

The flyback tourbillon simultaneously solves two significant problems that have troubled watchmakers for over a hundred years. A vertical clutch immediately stops the balance wheel and locks the tourbillon cage if the crown is pulled out. If the crown is pulled further outward and held still, the tourbillon frame will rotate upward until the second hand at the top of the frame runs clockwise to zero and remains stopped – an original masterpiece of the art of fine watchmaking. This complex structure has been awarded two patents, fully demonstrating Glashütte Original’s innovative leadership in fine watchmaking.

Consistent precision craftsmanship

In watchmaking, Glashütte Original continues to adhere to the attitude of excellence and always takes the creation of precision timepieces as its mission. The Senator Chronometer Tourbillon The Senator Chronometer Tourbillon watch is equipped with an innovative minute-stop device. When the flyback tourbillon returns to zero, the minute hand moves clockwise to the next minute-hour mark. By ensuring that the second and minute hands run in sync, you can set the time precisely and feel the minute hand jump from the hour mark to the next. Best replica watches.

Caliber 58-06 manual winding movement: officially certified precision

Each Senator Chronometer Tourbillon watch has been certified by the independent testing agency (Thuringian Weights and Measures Office) and complies with the DIN 8319 chronometer watch certification standard to ensure highly accurate travel time. The watch was tested in five positions for 15 days and at three temperatures, fully proving its stability and reliability. Each watch comes in an exquisite white oak collection box with an observatory certification certificate as official proof of a highly accurate timepiece of the same era.

In addition, the silicon hairspring of the Senator Chronometer Tourbillon watch has strong anti-magnetic and temperature difference capabilities. 

Elegant and sophisticated detailing

The 42mm platinum case has a superbly decorated movement, and the charming flyback tourbillon can be seen at a glance. Like the damping wheel, the mechanical mechanism is exquisitely designed and visible, ensuring that the Tourbillon can move upward smoothly when reset. The surface of the movement has a laser-engraved finish. As the laser engraving progresses layer by layer, Paris hobnail patterns are formed in the crisscrossing pattern, further deepening the three-dimensional effect of the dial. The dial and Tourbillon are like small lighthouses rising from the undulating “waves” of the movement. There is also a row of engravings hidden on the upper edge of the dial at nooo’clockmirror is reflected on the polished inner wall, showing the words “Chron” meter Tourbillon.” In “addition, the dial is decorated with a pattern of earth lines, which is strong evidence of more than 175 years of advanced German watchmaking craftsmanship condensed in this outstanding timepiece. The day/night display is located under the transparent part of the dial and is decorated with the sun and moon, which orbit the spherical axis once every 24 hours.

This Senator Chronometer Tourbillon watch is limited to 50 pieces worldwide and will be on sale in Glashütte Original global stores and some authorized dealer boutiques starting in May 2024.