Glashütte Original Premium Timepiece, Replica Luxury Watches

The dragons are moving, the prosperity is flourishing, the festival is gathering, and the warmth is coming. In this Chinese New Year of the Year of the Dragon, Glashütte Original, the German high-end watchmaking art that originated in 1845, will inherit centuries-old outstanding watchmaking skills and integrate German original aesthetics into three red gold classic watches. Show your taste in life and feel the charm of time.

Ten thousand years are eternal; the years are timeless.

Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch

The perpetual calendar function considers large and small months and leap years and is regarded as one of the most desirable but challenging watch complications.

The 42mm red 18K gold case exudes a warm luster, is gorgeous and noble, and matches the brown suede alligator leather strap to exude a charming retro style. In the classic round silver dial, ivory details shine everywhere. The hour and minute hands are made of exquisite red 18K gold; the hand-installed 5N solid gold three-dimensional inlaid Roman numeral hour markers bring a surprising visual layering. Various complex function displays cleverly integrate German original design aesthetics and are harmoniously distributed on the dial. The watch is equipped with the brand’s own Caliber 36 movement, which guarantees a power reserve of at least 100 hours and is equipped with an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring. Replica luxury watches.

The stars and the moon shine together, and the gold overflows with color.

Senator Excellence Outsize Date Moon Phase Watch

The Senator’s Outstanding Outsize Date and Moon Phase Watch is gleaming gold. The 40mm red gold case is satin-finished/polished and has a silver fine-grained dial. The 5N pure gold hand-embossed Roman numeral hour markers contrast with the velvety smooth and soft surface texture. 5N red 18K gold hour/minute hands, brown suede alligator leather strap with red 18K gold folding buckle, all reflecting the excellent quality of Glashütte’s original watchmaking craftsmanship.

The large calendar window at 4-5 o’clock and the precise moon phase function at 10-11 o’clock cleverly form a symmetrical layout on the dial. The large coaxial and co-planar calendar display combines exquisite craftsmanship and visual beauty, allowing the wearer to see it at a glance. The moon phase disk is carefully crafted by master watchmakers with complicated handwork. The meticulous diamond milling process creates a sharp and precise outline, with dots of Venus and a golden moon shining brightly against the background of the blue night sky, making it elegant and charming.

Happy gathering time, golden style

Off-center Annual Calendar Watch

On the occasion of a happy reunion, cherishing every moment is the concept of Glashütte’s original eccentric annual calendar watch.

The overall dial layout of the eccentric annual calendar watch adopts an “eccentric aesthetic” design. The hour and minute dials and the small seconds dial on the left side of the dial overlap up and down to form an “8” shape full of lucky meanings throughout the year. In addition to the typical asymmetric layout of the eccentric series’ hours, minutes, and small seconds hands, it also has a moon phase, large calendar, and month display functions, and the mechanical structure is exquisitely designed. The month numbers are presented with a “retrograde” display effect. The curved sapphire crystal glass display window on the lower right side of the dial indicates the month, and the current month is highlighted with black numbers, making it clear at a glance. In the moon phase window in the upper right corner, the rotation of the stars and the moon will be displayed synchronously with the cycle of the synodic moon. Equipped with the brand’s self-made Caliber 92-09 movement, it achieves superior quality inside and outside. The annual calendar watch that focuses on the present is ideal for you to wear in the New Year. Watch replicas.

As a German high-end watchmaking brand with a long history, Glashütte Original has always adhered to the brand spirit of “proud of originality,” and every original masterpiece is unique. They have unique design and creativity and reflect exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship. At the beginning of the year, Glashütte Original starts the New Year timing with a gold watch, bringing each wearer his elegant style and enterprising quality.