De Bethune Releases Db28xp, A Blue Tourbillon Sapphire Swiss Replica Watch

Independent watchmaking brand De Bethune officially announced the addition of a new blue titanium model to its flagship series. This new work perfectly combines DB28XP and DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon, incorporating a sapphire charm and showing classic and timeless charm.

On December 1st, De Bethune founder and chief watchmaker Denis Flageolet, who started a tour in Asia, chose to display his new DB28XP Kind of in Hong Kong while discussing the history and culture of the brand with enthusiastic collectors. Blue Tourbillon Sapphire watch. He believes this particular piece will resonate with a market keenly aware of the energy conveyed by artworks.

DB28XP Kind of Blue Tourbillon Sapphire watch

About the natural evolution of excellence

The DB28XP Kind of Blue Tourbillon Sapphire watch represents the perfect evolution of two iconic De Bethune creations, seamlessly integrating the DB28XP and the DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon. Combining the silky design and refined taste of the DB28XP with the unique aesthetics of the DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon brings the best of both worlds together. This watch continues the manufacturer’s signature style, highlighting the beauty of its unique blue color.

Charming dial

This area contains layers, textures, and light and shadow interpretations. This watch is crafted in blue titanium and displays space, time, and light architectural fusion. Its deep and bright blue color is produced through the natural oxidation process of the material, making each swiss replica watch a unique work of art.

The entire dial is decorated with modern shimmer carvings, which inject new vitality into the traditional guilloche carving technology. This craftsmanship is exceptional in its broad, flat surfaces, accentuating its structural feel. Through changes in light and shadow, its depth and layering are optimized, presenting a more structural and dynamic architectural effect. As a result, the overall impact becomes both unique and contemporary.

An attractive dial with a dynamic architectural effect

De Bethune’s ultra-thin craftsmanship

De Bethune launched the DB28XP in 2020, thus starting a breakthrough journey of ultra-thin watches and using it to show the outside world the results of its 20 years of exploration of technology and aesthetics. Denis Flageolet conceived it as a dual technical and aesthetic challenge in pursuing ultra-thin replica watches. It is a dance of sophistication, complexity, and an adventure in finding harmony between precision and space-constrained design. As if destined, the DB28XP has evolved into an embodiment of beauty that embodies simple elegance even in its purest form. Today, it is the perfect embodiment of refined aesthetics and superb technology.

De Bethune’s expertise

The DB2009v5 movement is equipped with De Bethune’s unique balance wheel, located at six o’clock on the dial, representing the results of De Bethune’s continuous research in physics and mathematics to enhance its performance. This balance wheel incorporates its latest research results, and its combination of moderate size, titanium metal, and platinum weights embedded in the periphery gives it excellent inertia, reliability, and speed regulation performance.

The movement is equipped with the famous De Bethune balance spring. The hairspring’s weight is accurately maintained at the center point by fixing a flat coil on the hairspring’s periphery. This design keeps the overall thickness of the hairspring to a near-perfect level, resulting in advantages including a reduced height, excellent coaxial rotation quality, finer adjustment, elimination of the need for a pin, and its Shock absorber effect.

In addition, the material’s interior remains intact and does not bend without stress. Through these proven improvements resulting from ongoing research, De Bethune has increased the efficiency of the power reserve by 20% to 5 days. This achievement can be observed through the sapphire crystal on the back, allowing connoisseurs to appreciate the complexity and beauty of each component.

DB28XP Kind of Blue Tourbillon Sapphire watch is equipped with DB2009v5 movement

Its unique mechanical beauty can be appreciated on the back of the watch.

De Bethune’s tourbillon: why it’s so tiny, so light, so fast

Among the many complex functions mastered by De Bethune, the tourbillon often plays an important role. The tourbillon, equipped with an ultra-light frame, comprises 63 parts and rotates once every 30 seconds. The tourbillon frame weighs 0.18 grams, the lightest in history, and the most delicate part weighs less than 0.0001 grams.

Today, wristwatches go through far more “torture” than pocket watches. Rapid and erratic wrist movements put enormous pressure on the inside of the watch, so more work was needed in this area.

To make it more effective on a wrist with fast and erratic movements, the tourbillon must have a higher vibration frequency and rotation speed; this is the so-called equation. The tourbillon created by De Bethune is composed of titanium and silicon, has a vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, and its ultra-light frame completes one rotation every 30 seconds. As we all know, describing a feat is more accessible than achieving it. Like a flying insect, it may seem simple, but it has a natural exoskeleton supporting the entire structure.

Therefore, De Bethune’s small, light, and fast tourbillon can perform more effectively in modern watches. The futuristic tourbillon bridge perfectly supports the tourbillon in a symmetrical shape and firmly fixes it.

Comfort and innovation

True to the character of all the brand’s models, the DB28XP Kind of Blue Tourbillon Sapphire continues to surprise with its lightweight case construction. Its case is made entirely of polished blue grade 5 titanium, decorated with micro-light engraving and inlaid sapphires. It uses De Bethune’s patented mechanism – floating lugs that adapt to the size of the wrist. The case presents a smoother silhouette that matches the natural lines of the wrist. The base plate’s shimmering engraved decoration extends from the dial to the case side, making this rigorous craft full of challenges without essential geometric elements.