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As Chopard’s most representative high-end watch series, the Happy Sport series witnesses the superb watchmaking skills and extraordinary exquisite jewelry craftsmanship of Chopard’s workshops. Chopard has launched a new 36 mm diameter jewelry watch, further interpreting elegant aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship. This Chopard Happy Sport Laguna Verde watch is made of 18K white gold in line with Chopard’s sustainable development and social responsibility concepts. It is inspired by the famous watercolor of South America’s Verde Lake (Laguna Verde). Relying on their superb skills, the inlay artisans in the watchmaking workshop ingeniously set the bezel and hour markers with stunning sapphires and emeralds, showing a subtle gradient effect of blue and green, reflecting the iconic symbol on the dial. The brilliant diamonds perform a light and elegant legendary swirling dance. The center of the dial, made of blue mother-of-pearl, is decorated with guilloché patterns, and an exact self-winding movement provides continuous power for the timepiece. Best replica watch site.

Nature is an endless source of inspiration.

With the new Happy Sport Laguna Verde watch, Chopard once again pays tribute to the beauty of nature. This exquisite timepiece draws inspiration from the famous Lake Verde (Laguna Verde) between Bolivia and Chile. Sapphires and emeralds are carefully selected and paved on the watch bezel and dial hour markers. , recreating the changing blue and green colors of the lake. The dial presents a subtle gradient effect, cleverly echoing the natural changes in the colors of the lake and mountains.

The center of the dial is decorated with guilloché patterns. On the warm and delicate mother-of-pearl, the discernible texture pattern complements the ever-changing iridescent luster, reminiscent of the ripples on the lake surface and the sparkling waves refracted by the sun. Chopard’s iconic bright diamonds are dotted in the center of the dial. The diamonds are constantly spinning and dancing, allowing people to witness the passage of time in a pleasing way and to fall into the endless imagination of the beauty of nature. Swiss replica watches.

The sapphire set on the crown and the blue leather strap complement each other, giving this masterpiece a unique and timeless style. The entire gold case is paved with brilliant diamonds.

Chopard combines exquisite watchmaking skills with extraordinary jewelry aesthetics. This Happy Sport, Laguna Verde watch is equipped with an automatic winding movement, providing a power reserve of up to 42 hours.

Chopard has always been committed to advocating the luxury strategy of sustainable development, so this timepiece is also made of gold raw materials that align with Chopard’s sustainable development and social responsibility concepts.

Chopard Happy Sport series watch, a classic women’s watch

In 1993, Caroline Scheufele, the current co-president and artistic director of Chopard, designed a sports watch based on the novel and unique material combination of stainless steel and diamonds to keep pace with the times.

The Chopard Happy Sport series of watches results from this bold creativity. Since then, it has continued celebrating the “enjoyment of life” and the spirit of freedom, encouraging women to reinvent themselves daily. The name of the Smart Diamond comes from what Caroline Scheufele’s mother said when she saw the first Happy Diamonds watch launched with this new design concept: “Free diamonds are happier.” (Diamonds are happy when they are free). These brilliant diamonds put on a beautiful show in the Chopard Happy Sport series of watches, and female wearers have become an indispensable role in it – their every move provides power for the intelligent diamonds and contributes to this picture’s continuous reorganization. The images inject endless vitality. This collection of exquisite timepieces also reflects this busy and fulfilling life. From the beginning, it has been prepared for continuous transformation.