Cartier Presents New Timepieces And Top Swiss Replica Watches

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year in 2024, Cartier especially presents new timepieces-the Cartier Master Craftsmanship Series Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon Decorated High Jewelry Watch and the Cartier Tank Chinoise Watch China Limited Edition, inspired by Chinese inspiration and exquisite craftsmanship. Start the new year.

Cartier Master Craftsman Series Dragon Decoration High Jewelry Watch

The Cartier Master Craftsmanship Series launches a new Ronde Louis Cartier dragon-decorated high-end jewelry watch, numbered and limited to 30 pieces.

This watch uses enamel and engraving techniques, and the Chinese-inspired “dragon rising to sea” picture appears on the dial under the exquisite skills of Cartier master craftsmen.

In this brand-new watch, the surging waves are presented in Cartier’s iconic blue and green colors through cloisonné enamel technology, and iridescent mother-of-pearl inserts outline the waves. The image of the dragon is hand-carved in gold with lifelike details, and the “eyes” are also made of enamel to complete the finishing touch. The enamel process used on this watch requires 25 repeated firings, and each firing round tests the craftsman’s skills. Top swiss replica watches.

The dragon has a long history in traditional Chinese culture and symbolizes auspiciousness and prosperity. The dragon image has also inspired Cartier’s style creation for a long time. The brand continues to explore Eastern inspiration, and Cartier archives record Chinese-inspired designs dating back to the late 1870s. When the Art Deco style was in vogue in the 1920s, many pieces of jewelry and precious utensils using dragon elements were dazzling collections in the Cartier collection, showing the harmonious blend of Chinese culture and Cartier style aesthetics. This long-lasting style of dialogue continues. To date.

Cartier Tank Chinoise watch China limited edition.

The Tank watch was conceived by Louis Cartier in 1917 and went on sale in 1919. It is a representative work in the history of Cartier and watchmaking. Over the years, Tank watches have been constantly reinterpreted from innovative perspectives.

In 1922, the Tank Chinoise watch was launched. This series is rooted in Cartier’s infinite imagination of Eastern culture. The design is inspired by the entrances of temple architecture, with horizontal shafts stacked above vertical lugs. Its clean lines, precise shapes, and subtle contrast between matte and polished textures stand out. In 2022, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Tank Chinoise watch, this classic timepiece will appear with a new look in the Cartier Privé series. Fake rolex watches.

The Tank Chinoise Watch China limited edition opens a new chapter this year. The case continues the geometric lines of the classic silhouette of the watch, draws inspiration from traditional Chinese techniques, and is decorated with a new burgundy lacquer technique. The silver-plated off-white dial is decorated with a delicate embossed texture and is paired with golden apple-shaped hands. The faceted gold crown is decorated with red jasper, whose color contrasts with the burgundy color of the case. This watch is equipped with the 430 MC manual winding mechanical movement refined by the Cartier workshop.