Blancpain Chinese Almanac Opens A New Era Of Zodiac Signs, Swiss Watch Replica

In 2012, Blancpain integrated complex functions such as the Chinese almanac, Gregorian calendar date, and moon phase display to create the first Villeret classic V series Chinese almanac watch that combines Chinese and Western elements. Understand Chinese time.

In 2024, the 13th year since this large complex watch was born, Blancpain launched a new Chinese calendar limited edition “Noble Green Gold Dragon” watch. According to tradition, the red gold winding oscillating weight is engraved with a prancing dragon, and at the same time, It is given a new image and attitude to welcome the grand restart of the zodiac cycle in the new century since the advent of the Chinese calendar. This exclusive limited edition watch for the Year of the Dragon is red gold with a green enamel dial. As an iconic color in Blancpain’s aesthetics and loved by watch fans, green emits a luxurious texture worthy of a large complex watch. The delicate and calm color tone processing interprets the nobility that cannot be hidden and conveys the unstoppable good fortune of the New Year. Swiss watch replica.

Blancpain Classic V Series Chinese Calendar “Xianglong” Limited Edition Watch 0888

Blancpain will create an exclusive limited edition watch for the zodiac every Chinese New Year to pay tribute to the Chinese legend that the Jade Emperor summoned the 12 rotating Tai Sui to heaven. Each animal’s Tai Sui duty is recorded in the 12-year zodiac cycle of the Chinese calendar. The zodiac image of that year is simultaneously displayed on the zodiac window at noon on the dial and the red gold oscillating weight.

An exclusive Chinese calendar watch for the 2024 Lunar New Year. The frosted red gold winding oscillating weight is engraved with the Jiachen zodiac sign “Xianglong.” A ruby shaped like a dragon ball is inlaid on one side of the dragon’s head, and the Chinese character “Jiachen” is engraved on the side of the dragon’s tail. , paying tribute to 2024, the Year of the Dragon. Blancpain’s master artist interprets the dragon zodiac image with new carving patterns, opening a new 12-year zodiac era.

Blancpain relies on four unique hands with zodiac windows and leap month windows to condense the timing secrets of the traditional Chinese calendar into a small space: twelve hours (one hour is equivalent to 120 minutes), zodiac signs (60 years is a cycle), yin and yang Chinese timing elements such as the five elements, the twelve zodiac animals, the lunar day, the month and the leap month are all presented in this watch. Also, Blancpain uses the classic snake-shaped pointer to indicate the Gregorian calendar date and, as usual, sets the moon phase display window at the 6 o’clock position on the dial. Fake watches for sale.

Blancpain Classic V Series Chinese Calendar “Xianglong” Limited Edition Watch 0888

The precision movement of the new classic V-series Chinese Almanac “Xianglong” watch took five years to develop and consists of 464 independent parts in a six-layer structure. Its complexity far exceeds a perpetual calendar, and its minute repeater function ranks at the pinnacle of advanced watchmaking. This exquisite watch is hand-assembled by the brand’s master watchmakers in Blancpain’s Le Brassus grand complex watchmaking workshop. It is equipped with a three-barrel movement independently designed and produced by Blancpain, with a power reserve of up to 7 days.

The fully calcined green Grand Feu enamel dial complements the 45 mm diameter red gold case and is a natural fit. In addition, to achieve precise adjustment of the calendar, the case is also equipped with the brand’s patented technology – a hidden lug adjuster placed under the lug, which not only achieves smooth lines without dents on the side but is also more convenient for the wearer Make adjustments with your fingertips. Like other Blancpain calendar function watches, the Chinese Almanac is also equipped with a safety adjustment protection device, which can effectively avoid the risk of damage to the timepiece caused by the wearer adjusting during the restricted watch adjustment period.

The new Blancpain classic V series Chinese calendar “Xianglong” watch is limited to 50 pieces worldwide.