Bell&Ross Launches New Br-x5 Green Lum, Best Replica Watches Review

One of the essential principles of Bell & Ross’s timepiece production is that it must be straightforward to read, and its watch design has many shadows of aerospace instruments. The LUM luminous series, launched in 2017, takes the brilliant function to the extreme and can display the time in light and dark day and night environments. Previously, the numerals, hour markers, hands, and dials of LUM watches were all treated with Super-LumiNova. The latest BR BR-X5 GREEN LUM model uses the innovative composite material LM3D developed for the brand. The biggest challenge is integrating the innovative Luminous material technology into the luxurious style of the BR-X5 series.

LUM series – launched in 2017

For pilots or divers, one of the essential functions of their wrist timepieces is to shine light in dark environments so that the time remains straightforward to read. Since the 1930s, the watchmaking industry began to produce luminous timepieces for military pilots or diving commandos and later expanded to other professional fields. Different brilliant materials were used to coat numbers, time scales, and hands during this period. Later, It was observed that tritium and radium would release radiation, and other materials were used. Today, Super-LumiNova has become the most widely used luminous material.

All Bell & Ross timepieces can display time in a dark environment; some are even more brilliant. For example, the name of the LUM series refers to its excellent luminous function.

Bell & Ross launched the Lumid Series in 2017, starting with BR 03-92 HOROLUM, followed two years later by BR 03-92 NIGHTLUM. The luminous coating effect of these two styles’ numbers, hour markers, and hands is remarkable. As the name suggests, the BR 03-92 FULL LUM series launched in 2019 has the entire dial plated with Super-LumiNova material. The contrast between light and dark is strong, and the display is more eye-catching.

The BR 03-92 GRAY LUM, unveiled in 2020, emits a solid green light in the dark, just like the color of airport runway lights; the BR 03-92 DIVER FULL LUM diving watch launched in the same year emits light green and light yellow light at different depths; The 2021 Vintage limited series BR V2-94 FULL LUM also uses similar two-color luminous technology; the BR V2-92 FULL LUM launched in 2022 is a basic three-hand watch with equally outstanding brilliant function. Best replica watches review.

BR-X5: Self-made movement, upgraded level

Bell & Ross launched the BR 05 series in 2019, an essential step in evolving the brand’s design style. It retains the inspiration of aviation instruments and the classic round case, adding an urban fashion temperament. The BR-X5, unveiled in 2022, includes the design style and technical features of the BR 05 but is equipped with the BR-CAL.323 self-made movement developed by Kenissi. It has a power reserve of 70 hours, improving the timepiece’s accuracy. The shell has beautiful architectural lines and extraordinary temperament and is strong yet light. The concept and design of the new BR-X5 GREEN LUM demonstrate the brand’s insistence on innovation and distinctiveness. Bell and ross replica.

BR-X5: luminous case, outstanding

Bell & Ross never stop on the road of creativity. The LUM luminous watch’s luminous numbers, hour markers, hands, and dials are already essential equipment. The BR-X5 GREEN LUM goes a step further. The 41 mm case incorporates the technology specially developed for Bell & Ross. LM3D composite material emits green light in a dark environment, meaning the BR-X5 self-made movement watch series joins the LUM luminous watch family for the first time.

Limited concept series

The BR-X5 GREEN LUM multi-layer combination case is designed to be lightweight first and foremost. It is made of LM3D material and micro-sandblasted black diamond-like carbon-coated second-grade titanium. The case is made of a whole piece of diamond-like carbon-coated second-grade titanium. Cut from metal, the part where the movement is embedded is sandwiched between two pieces of LM3D luminous material. LM3D material is made of quartz fiber and can emit intense green light. The brilliant case echoes the bright hours, minutes, seconds, dates, and power reserve displays on the dial in a dark environment. BR-X5 GREEN LUM is limited to 500 pieces. Its innovative ideas transcend the level of watchmaking functions and can be called a unique conceptual artwork.