A Gift For Modern Women, Replica Watches For Sale In Usa

Glashütte Original presents a new timepiece that shines brightly: a new women’s watch product that combines slim shape, excellent functions, and exquisite design, and its charm is irresistible. The Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase Watch is equipped with an original self-winding movement that is tailor-made, with a moon phase display function, making it a masterpiece of mechanical watches. This modern complex movement, which debuted for the first time, was created by Glashütte Original specifically for this product family and is the culmination of the brand’s exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship. Replica watches for sale in usa.

Striving for excellence: a new movement

The “heart” of the Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase Watch is Glashütte’s original innovation- the Caliber 35 self-winding movement specially built for the slim 32.5 mm case, creating a true art masterpiece. Not only that, it also needs to meet the brand’s high standards for its movements’ accuracy and ease of use. It embodies the hard work and extraordinary artistic attainments of the brand’s engineers, designers, and watchmakers in every inch, which is fantastic.

Ingenuity: moon phase display

The moon phase is recognized as one of the most beautiful features in watchmaking. Over the years, Glashütte Original has worked hard to innovate and constantly introduce new products. Today, this traditional function is reborn in the Serenade Luna moon phase watch: in the circular window at 6 o’clock, a radiant mother-of-pearl moon rises, dazzling. In the new watch, the moon phase display is set against the background of the night sky shining with stars. It is beautiful and decorated with a slim and bright ring integrated with the dial.

This time, Glashütte’s original innovative and pioneering spirit is also well reflected in this moon phase structure: it is presented as a flat disk, regularly rotating under the dial, almost completely covering the entire movement. Brand engineers installed this component in a highly space-saving manner without increasing the movement’s thickness.

The moon phase display disc is covered with a thin layer of mother-of-pearl, and the four-spaced circular night sky is full of bright and charming stars. Depending on the model, the night sky is either inlaid with shiny dark Tahitian mother-of-pearl or its underside is coated with dark blue varnish. The embossed dazzling stars illuminate the sky and captivate the eye.

Precision bearings ensure that the Serenade Luna’s moon phase display must only be corrected by one day every 122 years. Calibration is done via the crown and is a breeze. The ball-bearing flywheel diverts some energy from the gear train to the crown, allowing you to adjust the moon phase in one direction without interrupting the watch’s operation.

Reaching for perfection: mechanical excellence

During the development of the Caliber 35 movement, the brand followed the principles of ease of use and user-friendliness. The diameter and thickness of this self-winding movement with moon phase display are 26 mm and 3.8 mm, respectively. Such a slim design means that its production tolerances are incredibly tight, which the engineers and watchmakers of the watchmaking factory must overcome. Another big challenge. Still, they left plenty of room for the barrel to achieve a 60-hour power reserve. To adapt to the smaller size of the watch, the oscillation system has also been redesigned, using four adjustment screws to install on the balance wheel. It is equipped with a silicon hairspring, which can effectively resist magnetic fields and temperature fluctuations and beats continuously at 4 Hz. interest. Movement adjustment is completed in five positions to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Magnificent: Art Treasures

Through the transparent case back, the gold automatic rotor rotating cyclically above the movement is visible. The oscillating weight and counterweight are pure gold, the first of its kind from Glashütte. Gold’s high density makes it an ideal material. The surface of the automatic oscillating weight is decorated with exquisite shell pattern guilloché, and its counterweight is decorated with elegant pearl patterns, which are unique and ingenious. Under the automatic oscillating weight, the beautiful decoration of the original movement presents you with a visual feast:

  • The famous three-quarter plate
  • The balance bridge with a columnar pattern
  • The reduction gear is decorated with a sunburst pattern
  • Other Glashütte watchmaking art

Its traditional features can be seen at a glance, and its charm is fully revealed.

Colorful and colorful: high-end timepieces

The Serenade Luna Serenade moon phase watch is launched in four styles, cleverly interpreting the eclectic charm of modern women. All models have a 32.5 mm diameter dial and a sapphire crystal case back. The gleaming diamond hour markers and the second hand in the form of an infinity symbol echo the typical features of the Serenade watch family and are timeless. The circular moon phase disk located in the center of the dial is clever and unique, deepening the layering of the dial.

The four models launched this time have distinctive personalities and different colors: two stainless steel watches are equipped with white mother-of-pearl dials, with or without diamond-set bezels, and the straps have blue Louisiana alligator Available with leather strap or metal chain strap with folding buckle.

Another stainless steel watch with the above two straps is also available and is equipped with a blue sunburst-decorated dial. The red 18K gold watch focuses on the beauty of contrast:

  • The gold-green dial is decorated with shiny sunray patterns.
  • The bezel is set with 48 diamonds, which is gorgeous.

All leather watch straps have a quick-release mechanism, making replacement fast and convenient. The crown of the Serenade Luna moon phase watch takes on a new look: in the model with a diamond-set bezel, its elegant floral shape is embellished with a rose-cut diamond, while in other swiss models, it is Inlaid with a cabochon moonstone, it shows extraordinary taste.

Charming: Original masterpieces

The new Serenade Luna serenade moon phase watch is a new mechanical watch specially created for modern women, meeting stringent technical requirements. While retaining Glashütte’s original iconic design, it also shows its unknown and infinite charm. One side. The new Serenade Luna moon phase watch will be available in Glashütte original stores and authorized dealers worldwide starting in March 2024.