2023 Rolex New Watch Oyster Hang Mowing Week Calendar 36 Best Replica Watches

Fascinating dial

The dial of the new week calendar 36 (Day-Date 36) is made of decorative gemstones. The gorgeous color tone cannot help but think of the beautiful style along the Mediterranean coast.

Rolex launched three new oyster-style constant weekly calendar 36 (Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36) watches. The dial uses decorative gemstones embellished with diamond clock marks and Roman digital VI and IX.

The first is 18K eternal rose gold; the dial uses green sand gold stones with a magnetic and crystalline surface. The second paragraph is 18K gold, with a red chalcedony dial. Red chalcedony is an orange-red decorative gem with different shapes and marks and forms a pattern of artistic sense of different lengths. The third paragraph uses 18K white gold and turquoise dials, showing natural context texture. The outer ring of the three watches is inlaid with 52 round diamonds, with a classic heatproof strap, and the strap is equipped with an elegant concealed crown band buckle.

The new week calendar 36 has a leading 3255 movement with watchmaking technology, which can accurately display time, minute, second, week, and date. Like all Rolex watches, the oyster-type constant weekly calendar 36 has obtained an excellent observation of precision timepiece certification to ensure that the eye can perform superbly when wearing.

Rolex’s unique design

The week-day type launched in 1956 created a precedent. It was the world’s first calendar watch to set up a full-shaped window at noon. It is a significant technical achievement of the year. There are 26 languages in the week to choose from. The weekly calendar series replica watches are only 18K gold, 18K white gold, 18K eternal rose gold, or 950 platinum and other precious metals.

Many politicians, presidents, and people from all over the world have worn the weekly calendar type. This watch is very well known, especially its iconic headroom strap, which shows the supernatural style of the eye. The name of the belt is reminiscent of wearing its prominent figures, making the calendar type a veritable “head of the head” without its right.

Oyster case, waterproof symbol

The new week calendar 36 36 mm oyster case guarantees a waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet), a solid and elegant model. The middle point of the three watches is cast with a whole piece of solid 18K gold, 18K white gold, or 18K eternal rose gold. Rolex watchmakers tighten the fine pits of the pits with the special tools of the brand to seal the case, so only Rolex watchmakers can reach the movement. The dual-lock linked chain crown has a dual waterproof system firmly tightened to the point. The mirror surface is made to prevent reflective blue crystal, which is not easy to scrape. A small window convex lens at 3 o’clock facilitates reading the calendar. The watch’s waterproof oyster case is given the best protection for movement.

Type 3255 constant motivation

The new week calendar 36 is equipped with a 3255 movement. This movement was launched in 2015. It is all Rolex’s research and development and manufacturing. It was fitted with this series of watches in 2019. This automatic mechanical movement condenses the superb technology of Rolex, which shows outstanding performance in terms of precision and reliability, dynamic reserves, and convenient use.

The 3255 movements are equipped with a Rolex patented Chronergy escapement system, which is efficient and reliable. This escapement system is made of nickel-phosphorus alloys and is not disturbed by high-intensity magnetic fields. The movement is equipped with a blue Parachrom shot made of a unique cosmetic alloy cast by Rolex. Even if the temperature changes, the scarf is stable and has excellent seismic performance. The trace is also equipped with the last Rolex circle to ensure that the movement can maintain regular operation anywhere. The direction of the action is fitted with a Rolex design and a patented high-performance Paraflex cushioning device to improve the seismic force of the movement. Auto Tuo is equipped with enhanced pearl bearing.

The 3255 movements are equipped with a constant mobile automatic boarding system, and the movement is used as the movement of the movement. The excellent efficiency of the structure and escapement system of the clockwork box makes the power reserve of the 3255 movements about 70 hours.


The new week calendar 36 matches the head of state. The Sange Solid Chain Festival headphones are mainly designed for the well-known watch-type oyster-type weekly calendar (Oyster Perpetual Day-DAY), launched in 1956. It was cast with only 18K gold or 950 platinum—an exclusive strap of the precious metal log.

Among the three new watches, the first model with green sand gold and stone dials and 18K eternal rose golden headbands; the second model with red chalcedony dial and 18K golden head leader; the third model with turquoise dial and 18K 18K White Golden Head Belt. The strap is equipped with an elegant hidden folding crown band buckle. The strap is designed with Rolex and obtained a patented pottery component, which is more flexible and durable.

Super Observatory Precision Pixel Certification

Just like all Rolex watches, the Oyster Hengdian Weekly Calendar 36 also obtained an excellent observation of the Observatory laid by Rolex in 2015. This unique title proves that each watch has successfully passed a series of tests in Rolex Labs. In addition, the movements of these watches have been certified by the Swiss official precision timepiece test center (COSC) at the same time. After the eye is assembled and the movement is installed in the case, it is tested to ensure that when the watch is worn, it can play outstanding performance in various aspects such as accuracy, power reserves, waterproof and automatic chains. The average error of Rolex’s excellent observatory precision timepiece is within two seconds daily. The accuracy of Rolex’s pursuit is much higher than the standard of precision timepieces for certification precision in Switzerland.