Shanghai Table Launched A New Fab Chrono · Demon Number Exact Replica Watches.

Ran Qingli, in the name of speed, Ling Yue has no boundaries, and the racing of the car will reflect the essence of the awe in seconds; a professional watchmaking process controls precision timepieces and the accuracy of each moment of the wrist control. Racing and exact replica watches have the inherently close and familiar declaration, adhere to fearless breakthroughs, and explore the new border with surging and fire. The two run at the time of the track and chase the fun of racing.

Shanghai Table’s new Fab Chrono · Demon Number

After Shanghai and Shanghai International Circuit in 2022 to create a joint cross-border masterpiece -Fab Chrono · Demon Demon Formula, 2023 will once again integrate the Inspirge of the French car, new luminous display functions, and fast-disassembly bands, and launch two new Fab Chrono · Magic: Meijin and blue color with dynamic and eye-catching, white and black color matching classic, more visual design interpretation of the relaxed style of the wrist, the steering wheel, the match flag, and other elements show the ingenuity of innovation and cross -border. Three octagonal digital hours of renovation of the re-reading method and the rotation and revolving characteristics are directed to the minute scales to achieve a highly intuitive reading experience.

In 2023, Shanghai Watch again joined hands with the Shanghai International Circuit to perform time and speed together, settling in the infinite journey of pursuing the peak. When the look answered the luxury replica watches, it highlighted the brand’s inexhaustible watchmaking. The straightforward joint design is eye-catching. Laser carving is used on the inner side of the sapphire glass: Tao style, the spirit of racing, the wrist.

Refined cast innovation reproduces the edge.

Shanghai Table Fab Chrono · Demon Magic, Golden Blue Model with Black fluorine rubber strap

Shanghai Table’s new Fab Chrono · Demon Number with bold contrast to show the spirit of the racing moment and the spirit of aggressive. The inner film circle with color phase and a black fluorine rubber strap offer an extraordinary racing style. The rose and blue models are specially selected for a 1K high-profile PAN-based carbon fiber cloth with more than 99% carbon content. There is 1,000 silk in the carbon fiber beam, which has high-intensity toughness and durability superiority. It is mainly used in aerospace, known as “space-level” carbon fiber. At the same time, its appearance is more delicate and exquisite than ordinary carbon fiber materials, and the designer cleverly chooses the carbon fiber cloth woven by flat lines. Its balanced checkerboard pattern details echo the elements of Shanghai International Racing and Formula. In addition, the black strap made of fluorine rubber is softer, heat-resistant, and dirty, suitable for wearing throughout the day, significantly improving the wearer’s comfortable experience.

Shanghai Table Fab Chrono · Demon Demon Black Black model with flag checkered leather strap

Another one continues the classic black and white style, draws design inspiration from the color matching of the game, and uses a translucent black dial with the white inner film industry to pay tribute to the racing driver to go all out and go to the end of the end. 43.6 mm 316L material stainless steel case to interpret the complete opening of the gas field, fits the dynamic grid of the watch, with the flag checkered leather strap, the balanced discharge of the square flag pattern, the white stitching is embellished on the white stitching on the white hem on it on On both sides, echo the black and white grid of the Saiye flag. The black and white staggered distribution, the eye-catching square flag symbolizes the end and victory, and it also represents speed and time.

The black watch description has been automatically generated.

Digital moments and central seconds are covered with Swiss Super-Luminova luminous coating.

The new Fab Chrono · Demon Number of the Nights Line Disk, the number of times, and the central seconds are covered with Swiss Super-Luminova luminous coating, without fear of the dark environment, and the dark color is also clearly distinguished in seconds. The LED-style digital font design is novel and unique. It is like an LCD screen display in the dark, leading the competitive sports style, injecting the sense of technology and avant-garde spirit into the watch gene, bringing an emotional experience. New fast disassembly strap structures are added and are equipped with stainless steel pins to disassemble easily, just like racing tires that are quickly replaced and kept in the best state at any time and span all their strength.

Racing is a game of chasing extreme speed. It is exciting to experience the pacing rate and refreshing the minute and second limit. The watchmaking passes with the time of record time of the exquisite craftsmanship, focusing on the accuracy and extreme of seconds. In the spirit of integrating racing breakthroughs, the courage of the Shanghai Table Fab Chrono · Demon Number of Constellation is willing to grasp every moment of excitement on the track of life.